What To Expect When You Undergo Cavity Treatment

If your oral hygiene habits are consistent, and you take care to minimize your exposure to products that are high in sugar, you can control your cavity risks. Unfortunately, many people will have at least one cavity in the course of their life, which means they will have to undergo restorative dental work. Once a cavity has formed, there is no way for you to make it go away on your own. Fortunately, you can arrange for treatment to stop the worsening damage to your enamel at our Southlake, TX dentist’s office, and also have the tooth protected by a dental filling or dental crown. Our practice can provide restorations from materials that are able to closely mimic your natural tooth structure and preserve your smile.

The Size Of Your Cavity Can Affect Your Treatment

After a cavity forms, it will continue to grow until you undergo treatment. The longer you take to respond to signs of decay, the larger the cavity will become. This can impact how you are treated, as the amount of tooth decay you experience can affect what restoration is recommended. For smaller cavities, dental fillings are effective at restoring a tooth. A filling will only occupy the space where a cavity formed, and leave the surrounding tooth structure alone. If the damage from decay is too large, a dental crown can be provided to offer lasting support.

Restoring A Tooth With A Lifelike Dental Filling

A lifelike dental filling made from composite resin can be bonded to your tooth at the site of a cavity. Once in place, your enamel will fuse to this biocompatible material and provide a remarkable degree of support. Unlike fillings made from metal material, these restorations can closely match the appearance of healthy teeth. As a result, you can have your tooth restored without worrying about the way you look! The bonding between the restoration and your tooth can ensure that it stays fully in place even as you bite and chew with the affected tooth.

Arranging Treatment For An Infected Tooth

Dental crowns are placed on teeth that have been damaged too severely for a dental filling. In some cases, your dentist will have to deal with bacteria within your tooth to fully address decay. In this scenario, a root canal will be performed to deal with your infection. Once the inner chamber of your tooth is restored, a custom crown can be put into place. If the tooth is in a visible area, we can recommend a restoration made to closely match your enamel.

Your Southlake, TX Dentist’s Office Can Restore A Cavity While Preserving Your Appearance

At our dental office, patients can look forward to dedicated dental care with lifelike restorations if they need cavity treatment.

Call our Southlake Dental Office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.