Mardi Paws Is This Weekend!

Whether you bring a dog or not, the Mardi Paws celebration this weekend is sure to make you smile! At Wright Smiles in Southlake, TX, we want to make sure that you always feel confident about your smile, so we offer several cosmetic and restorative dental procedures to ensure that you are able to show off your smile all the time, especially when celebrating Mardi Gras with a host of costumed furry friends.




Your Family Dentist Can Help You Maintain Good Smile Habits

When you find a family dentist that you feel confident in, you can enjoy more than just support during a routine dental exam. At our Southlake, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to help our patients by performing regular evaluations and professional cleanings, but we can also discuss oral hygiene matters to help you take care of your teeth between visits. These instructions can be particularly helpful for kids, who are still learning how to take care of their smile (and why it is so important). Are you doing enough to effectively prevent cavities and gum disease from affecting you? If you are unsure, or if you feel that you could be doing a better job, make sure your next checkup is set! (more…)

The Importance Of Protecting A Child’s Primary Teeth

Even if your child’s primary teeth are temporary, they deserve care and attention. Making dental health a priority at an early age can help them develop good habits while they are young, which can make them more likely to continue practicing smart smile care later in life. It can also help to prevent problems with their secondary, or adult teeth, which can negatively affected by tooth decay affecting their primary teeth. You can count on your Southlake, TX dentist for support when it comes to matters that concern your child’s smile. At the age of three, they can start to receive beneficial pediatric dental checkups, and we can provide careful, smile-friendly restorative dental work to address any issues that might occur with their primary teeth. (more…)

Our GLO Whitening System Can Produce Exciting Improvements

If you no longer feel excited to show off your smile because of significant teeth stains, you should know that your Southlake, TX dentist can help. Our practice can help you see noteworthy improvements to the color of your smile because we use the GLO Teeth Whitening System to take care of stubborn stains. This approach combines work at our practice with a take-home kit that you use on your own time to address discoloration. By going through the process of brightening your smile, you can see results that exceed anything you might have seen from a store bought whitening product! (more…)

Correcting Poor Habits In Order To Protect Your Teeth

If you value your smile – and you should – it should be easy to understand why a good oral care routine matters. By putting the appropriate time and energy into caring for your smile each day, you can effectively defend yourself against threats of tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, people who want to take care of their teeth, and even believe they have a good routine in place, can wind up developing problems that call for restorative dental work. Should you be concerned about your current approach to daily dental care? If you have questions, or if you want to make sure you are doing enough to support your smile, you can ask your Southlake, TX dentist for tips on daily care at a routine dental checkup! (more…)

Deciding On A Smile Makeover Plan With Your Dentist

The thought of improving your smile can be an exciting one, but the matter can also feel daunting to you. After all, you can be unclear about how much work cosmetic dentistry can involve, and you may worry about how long the process might take. At our Southlake, TX dentist’s office, we are ready to help you feel more comfortable with cosmetic care, even if you have significant changes you would like to make. We can work out a smile makeover plan with you that details what you would like to change about the way you look, and the procedures that can help. With a plan in place, you can feel more comfortable beginning work, and excited about the way your appearance can be improved! (more…)

Make Sure Your Family Follows A Good Oral Hygiene Routine

Because children are still learning about the importance of good oral health practices, and often have stronger cravings for sweets, you can focus on keeping them on track with good smile care. While this is important, it is also important to think about how everyone in your family – including older children, and you – are effectively protecting your teeth and gums from harm. Smart preventive dental care for your entire family can call for smart, smile-friendly meals and snacks, as well as established practices for brushing and flossing. It can also call for regular visits with your dentist. You can be happy to know that our Southlake, TX dentist’s office is able to provide all-ages care, which means we can help everyone in your family maintain good oral health! (more…)

Can I Count On Veneers To Make Noticeable Smile Changes?

How long will it take you to see real results through cosmetic dentistry? It may be exciting to think that cosmetic work can free you from self-doubt by correcting an issue – or several issues – that hurt your appearance, but that excitement can be tempered by different concerns. Some people worry that their improvements will take considerable time and effort to implement, while others may fear that their dentist will simply be unable to help them. At our Southlake, TX dentist’s office, we are able to help people with frustrating and hard-to-ignore flaws by providing porcelain veneers for their teeth. Veneers are custom-made to help people feel better about the way they look by addressing discoloration, dental damages, and even naturally occurring flaws that affect how you look. (more…)

Your Entire Family Can Enjoy Dental Care At Our Practice

It is important to make sure that everyone in your family is in good health. This means making smart choices at home, but it also means ensuring that parents and kids are receiving attention from the right health experts. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office can make caring for your family’s smiles easier, as we provide quality oral health care for patients of all ages! This means that in addition to helping you protect yourself against tooth decay and gum disease during regular dental exams, we can also provide pediatric dental care for your kids. In addition to helping everyone by providing preventive services, we are ready to provide restorative dental work for you and your family members. (more…)