The Many Ways Toward A Whiter Smile

There is not just one path toward the whiter smile of your dreams. Instead, there are a bunch of different ways you can approach making your smile appear free of stains and dramatically brighter. To assist you on your way throughout this very exciting part of your lifelong smile journey, we would love to help… Read more »

Dental Bonding: The Many Marvelous Benefits

Are you feeling like it’s time to go ahead and say “of course!” to choosing dental bonding but you still have some reservations? We understand. It’s all about learning everything you can about a treatment before you feel confident enough to go for it. So, we’d like to spend some time covering the many benefits… Read more »

3 Embarrassing Questions About Dental Hygiene

We know that there are many questions you feel perfectly comfortable asking us. For instance, asking if you should use a particular type of toothpaste is easy enough to bring up during a visit. However, inquiring about things that make you cringe a bit or that you think you should already know may require a… Read more »

Kiwanis Butterfly Festival

Is there something about the fluttering of butterflies that has never lost its magic for you? If so, you will want to make sure you stop by the Kiwanis Butterfly Festival with your kids and friends in tow! What Is This? This is your opportunity to literally take a walk with the butterflies. Your admission… Read more »

Smile Health: Easy Things To Overlook

Yes, your smile health is one of your top priorities. Your smile helps others know when you’re happy, people stare at your smile when they meet you and as you converse, and you use your smile to eat! Unfortunately, even though this feature is often front and center, it can be very easy to overlook… Read more »

Your Quiz: Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums may be an oral health symptom letting you know something is very off with your smile. You probably already know this! However, does that mean that the appearance of a bit of blood is always a serious problem that should send you running for the phone to call us? Not necessarily! Find out… Read more »

Autism Awareness Program

Are you someone who has been looking for autism resources? Have you been trying to learn more or seek out support but you’re not sure where to get started? This upcoming Autism Awareness Program may offer the education you’ve been trying to find. What Is This? The Autism Awareness Program will offer community members the… Read more »