Dental Discussion: Q&A About Teeth

How much do you think you could tell us about your dental enamel? How much do you know about dentin? Are you certain about how many teeth you should have in your smile? While it’s entirely possible you could tell us quite a lot about preventive care, restorative treatments, and more, the smaller, essential details… Read more »

3 Ways A Bridge Betters Your Smile

A dental bridge can make your smile a whole lot better. So, what’s holding you back from going through with the decision to have one placed, as you watch your smile openings disappear, and your complete smile make its reappearance? If you’re a candidate for this tooth replacement solution, we encourage you to become a… Read more »

3 Things To Keep Out Of Your Mouth

You have likely figured out at this point in your life that your jaws are extraordinarily strong. Your teeth, as well, are highly durable and can seem to weather many a storm. While you might begin assuming your smile is immune to damage as you live your life, you are mistaken. Teeth and jaws can… Read more »

Party On! Social Dance Party Event

Are you a social dancing fanatic? Perhaps you have long considered learning ballroom and other social dances but you have never actually gone through with it. For a laid back, fun opportunity to take part in gaining the dance steps and practice you’re hoping for, head out to Party On! Social Dance Party, a weekly… Read more »

Teeth Whitening: Too Old? Or Not?

When you get older, your teeth may become discolored. This might happen because after years of using those teeth of yours, they are bound to pick up some amount of staining, which yields yellowing or a dimmed finish. Or, if you’re someone who has smoked or had a very close relationship with coffee or tea,… Read more »

Myths Versus Facts: How’s Your Daily Brushing Method?

When you feel like you know what you’re doing with your dental hygiene, caring for your oral health with confidence is easier than you might imagine. However, when you’re spending time considering whether something you hear is a myth or is a reality, things can start to feel a little overwhelming. For now, you can… Read more »

Should My Dental Hygiene Hurt?

If you’ve begun wondering if dental hygiene should hurt, the answer is always no. As for why you’re experiencing some amount of pain, a variety of factors may be involved. You might be using the wrong product. You may be taking the wrong approach to your smile care. Or, something may require our attention (a… Read more »

Stains: An FAQ Review

Seeing smile stains when you look in the mirror is never something anyone enjoys experiencing. However, it’s an extremely common issue! Why so? Well, your teeth are resilient but they are also susceptible to different types of stains. Even natural wear and tear can yield some level of discoloration, simply because you rely on your… Read more »

Solar Eclipse Viewing Party

Have you heard about the solar eclipse happening this month? If so, why not enjoy the eclipse with the community? After all, it’s a very exciting moment that you’ll remember forever, so celebrate with a fun Solar Eclipse Viewing Party! About the Event This is a viewing party for the solar eclipse happening on August… Read more »