Ribbon Cutting For Erb Family Wellness Center

Are you interested in approaching your health and wellness through methods like chiropractic and nutrition? If so, you may be pleased to learn of the upcoming Ribbon Cutting For Erb Family Wellness Center event! Enjoy the celebration and find out more about the Wellness Center! The Event Join other community members, while you learn all… Read more »

3 Very Obvious Bruxism Signs (You’re Overlooking)

As you may have heard if you know anything about bruxism disorder, it’s not always the easiest thing to recognize. As a result, since you might not necessarily notice it right away, that means it can have time to end up causing some damage and discomfort to your smile, which you would (of course) prefer… Read more »

Quiz: Headaches, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain

If you’ve been dealing with problems like headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain and someone mentioned that dental care might help, you may have begun putting two and two together. These areas of your body are in close proximity to your mouth so, perhaps there is some correlation, you may think to yourself. The truth… Read more »

Replacing Your Snacks For Work

You’re about to be late! You’re running out the door, so you toss some food into a bag, and you’re off to work. What is it that you tossed in there? Did you choose things that are beneficial for your oral health? Or, did you just grab the usual stuff that your taste buds go… Read more »

Meet The Mayor: Peace, Love, And Little Donuts

Have you ever met Mayor Laura Hill? Do you have questions or thoughts about our community? Perhaps you simply enjoy hearing community conversation even if you’re not certain you’re ready to join in just yet. Whatever the case, the upcoming Meet The Mayor: Peace, Love, And Little Donuts gives you the chance. About the Event… Read more »

Your Breath Problems: Quick Facts

Bad breath is one of those things that can really cause serious frustration. You think it’s caused by something in particular but then, after the appropriate efforts, you find that your problem still exists! What to do now, you wonder? Why on earth won’t your mouth just get back to smelling fresh again? We are… Read more »

3 Things You’re Missing With Home Care

You might be missing some details with the care that you’re performing in your bathroom. Of course, we don’t think you’re intentionally sabotaging your dental hygiene. Instead, we think you may be unintentionally cutting corners or that you simply don’t realize you’re literally missing spots. When you know what you may be doing wrong, it… Read more »