Date Night: Learn To DJ!

If you spent your high school and college years hitting the books and having some fun, too (but somehow you managed to miss becoming an extremely talented DJ), you may wonder where you went wrong. You see Instagram pics of close friends DJing at parties and think to yourself, “I may have a day job… Read more »

Cosmetic Care: How To Make It Your Priority

You might feel like one of your priorities in life is cosmetic care because you most certainly want to do something to make your smile appear prettier. However, as for actually finding a way to prioritize this type of care, well, this might be the hard part. When you’re not sure how to begin or… Read more »

Dental Contouring: 3 Very Good Times To Select It

When you learn that dental contouring is something you have access to and that it’s actually a very simple procedure, a light bulb may go off over your head. Finally! You’ve identified a means through which you can actually fix something that’s been bothering you about your smile for a while. With just the gentlest… Read more »

Frost Summer Sweet Treats 2018

If you haven’t noticed (though we are sure you have) it’s quite hot out there in the Texas summer heat. So, when we hear about a free, chilly event that’s sure to help you cool off, we feel compelled to pass it along! If you find yourself in need of respite from the blazing temps,… Read more »

Patient Case Feature: Anterior Bridge!

Just because you already have a bridge or other prosthetic in place from another practice (or from such a long time ago, it feels like another lifetime) doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the current smile you’re displaying. In the case of today’s grin, we’re looking at a patient who came to us with the desire… Read more »