Prosthetics: How To Track Their Wear

When you receive your dental crown, dental bridge, denture, etc., the initial experience is a pristine one. Everything fits beautifully. The materials are brand new. They crown or device looks exceptional and functions wonderfully. However, you may wonder to yourself how you’re supposed to know if it’s becoming damaged, if it’s wearing out, if you… Read more »

Annual Leaf Recycling Pickup

Do you feel guilty when you bag up autumn leaves and put them out for trash pickup because they’re natural and can degrade back to the earth over time (but you just don’t want them in your yard)? No problem. Participate in the upcoming Annual Leaf Recycling Program and the city will recycle them for… Read more »

Eat Orange Food For Smile Health!

“Really?” you may wonder to yourself, “can I really eat any orange food and have it benefit my oral health?” Well, not exactly. When it comes to the artificial stuff, you’re usually looking at food coloring, which isn’t doing anything spectacular for your smile. However, when we are discussing natural foods, the ones that grow… Read more »

Holiday Hygiene: Presenting Your Best Smile!

When you keep up with long-distance friends and family throughout the year, you’re maintaining relationships over the phone, over video chat, etc. However, when the holidays show up, you might find yourself sitting next to or across from people (and standing in close proximity to them). As a result, your smile (and your breath) are… Read more »

Quiz: Going Overboard? Or Trying Extra Hard?

First, let us say that we absolutely appreciate it when you feel excited and determined to take excellent care of your smile. Great. Now, with that said: Sometimes, it’s possible to go overboard when you’re trying to do what’s best for your grin. Though the effort is most certainly admirable, that doesn’t necessarily translate into… Read more »

Home For The Holidays 2017

Believe it or not, those really are jingle bells you’re starting to hear as the backdrop to your daily life! The winter holidays are nearly upon us, which means it’s almost time for Home For The Holidays 2017! Get ready for the cozy, family-friendly experience our community enjoys year after year. About This Event Get… Read more »