Listen Up: Your Breath Is Talking To You!

Of course, as you breathe, inhaling and then exhaling, you’re more likely to realize something is wrong by catching a quick whiff of your breath! However, let’s pretend for a moment that as you breathe, your breath is actually speaking to you, so in addition to paying attention with your nose, you may need to… Read more »

Let’s Address Those Bonding Questions Of Yours

It’s perfectly natural to have lots of questions about the details of dental bonding, even though you may have already gathered a general understanding that bonding is efficient, effective, and absolutely safe for your smile! Instead, you may hope to bring up your concerns and uncertainties with our Southlake, TX team as we respond to… Read more »

Roads To Preventing Oral Health Problems

Did you know that there are many roads that lead to effective prevention of oral health problems? “But, don’t I just need to practice preventive care?” you might find yourself asking. Well, in short, the answer is yes! However, are you certain about each and every aspect of prevention, which is actually a multifaceted approach… Read more »

Event: Advanced Course In Body Language

Following our Southlake, TX Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon, which includes a presentation by speaker and Body Language Expert, Traci Brown, you are invited to gain valuable information from Brown with an Advanced Course in Body Language! Have you always been curious about what makes some individuals so good at reading what others are thinking,… Read more »