Three Reasons Why You Should Choose Tooth Veneers

Although permanent adult teeth are meant to last for life with proper care and maintenance, they can still naturally change shape and color after a lifetime of use. Tooth wear from years of biting, chewing, and teeth-grinding can alter your smile’s symmetry, while stains from your food and beverages can dull your teeth’s pearly-white shine. Made from wafer-thin shells of lifelike dental porcelain, tooth veneers are a popular cosmetic enhancement for patients with several different dental issues to address.

They Can Treat a Diverse Range of Issues

Cosmetic dental improvement is a personal process that is tailored to your exact needs. If your teeth are just stained, then you might only need a teeth-whitening procedure to improve them. Unfortunately, many smiles are afflicted with more than one issue at a time. For instance, stained teeth are often chipped, slightly crooked, or noticeably worn, as well. Tooth veneers, which are bonded to the fronts of your teeth, can create a brand new smile by concealing a multitude of blemishes with just one procedure.

They’re Quicker than More Complex Treatments

To prepare you for veneer placement, Dr. Wright will sculpt away a minimal amount of enamel from the fronts of your teeth, then make a mold of your mouth and send the specifications to a trusted dental lab. Crafting your tooth veneers usually takes about 10-14 days, after which Dr. Wright will carefully bond the porcelain shells to your prepared teeth. Tooth veneers can allow you to enjoy your brand new smile in less time than if you had to address each cosmetic concern separately, with more than one treatment.

Each Veneer is Expertly Crafted

Convenience is great, but tooth veneers owe most of their popularity to their end results. Each veneer is handcrafted to the exact specifications of your tooth by highly-experienced ceramists in a trusted dental lab. The porcelain used for veneers is tinted to the color and shade of your surrounding tooth structure, and the semi-translucent material is layered to reflect light in the same way as your natural tooth enamel. Once placed, your veneers will blend in almost seamlessly with your teeth to create a discreet, blemish-free face for your smile.

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