Real Questions About the Effects of Teeth-Whitening

If you want your teeth whitened, you can have it done in as little as an hour during a single visit to our office, or over a couple of weeks from the comfort of your own home. Both procedures can brighten your smile up to 8-10 shades by the time your treatment is completed. That’s great news for patients who aren’t happy with the color of their teeth, but you’ll probably have more questions than “what is teeth whitening?” before you decide to opt for the cosmetic enhancement. We can answer them.

Will whitening damage my tooth enamel?

Tooth enamel is the semi-translucent, highly-resilient layer of mineral crystals that surrounds and protects your teeth, and is directly exposed to the chemicals in teeth whitening, mainly carbamide peroxide. Studies show that the controlled concentrations of peroxide in professional teeth whitening (around 10%) has little to no effect on tooth enamel, other than scrubbing it clean of visible stains.

Will the chemicals damage my dental restoration?

Whitening gel also won’t damage your existing dental filling, crown, or other restoration; in fact, it won’t change the appearance of composite resin or dental porcelain at all. If you’re considering brighter teeth, then you may have to consider replacing your dental restorations to match your new smile’s tint and shade.

Will my teeth hurt after the procedure?

Though some tooth sensitivity is expected after a whitening procedure, especially an in-office one, the sensitivity usually subsides within a day or two. Whitening your teeth too often, however, can increase your risk of dental discomfort, and may affect the protective layers of your teeth.

How long do the results last?

Though highly-effective, the results of teeth whitening aren’t permanent. Exposure to foods and beverages, certain medications, or poor hygiene can cause your teeth to change color again over time. To increase the length of your results, Dr. Wright can design a custom-made take home kit consisting of whitening trays that allow you to touchup your smile when it begins to fade again.

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