Give Your Smile Some Face Time

Your first impressions, your social interactions, and your overall self-esteem rely largely on the state of your smile. If you’re proud of it, then you likely show your smile often, making you seem more affable, approachable, and confident. On the other hand, your efforts to hide your smile can affect how others perceive you if you’re embarrassed by the color, shape, or alignment of your teeth. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve your smile’s aesthetic appeal, thereby enhancing your confidence. As an Accredited Fellow and member of the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), Dr. Gregory Wright can help you address the issues you have with your smile’s appearance, and create a smile you’ll be proud to show off constantly.

How Do Your Teeth Look?

Teeth stains are the most common cosmetic dental concern, and can usually be erased with professional teeth whitening. However, color isn’t the only aspect of your teeth’s appearance, and stains aren’t the only concern when it comes to your smile’s outward characteristics. Teeth that are chipped, cracked, crooked, or missing are beyond the help of teeth whitening, and require custom treatment to reshape or restore into a healthier, more aesthetically-pleasing smile.

Does Your Smile Deserve a Makeover?

Reshaping teeth

Symmetry plays a major role in how your smile looks. If even one tooth is misshapen, crooked, or oddly-spaced, it can detract from your entire smile’s balance. Dental bonding consists of white composite resin that can add to a tooth’s structure to fill uneven spaces or change the tooth’s contour. Porcelain veneers can reestablish your smile’s ideal contour when more than one tooth requires attention.

Restoring teeth

If your tooth is chipped or cracked and in danger of infection, then Dr. Wright or Dr. Heron may have to clean and restore the tooth with a dental filling before repairing its structural damage. After removing the infected interior and filling the cavity with composite resin, they may place a porcelain dental crown over the afflicted tooth to conceal and protect it.

Replacing teeth

Lost teeth are more than a cosmetic concern; they can negatively impact the long-term health of your teeth and their supportive structures. If you’ve lost one or more adult teeth, then we may recommend replacing them with one or more dental implants. The prosthetic roots can be surgically inserted into your jawbone to replace the roots of your lost teeth and support an appropriate prosthesis (i.e., dental crown, bridge, or denture).

About Your Southlake Cosmetic Dentists:

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