Benefits of Tooth Extraction

When you’re visiting us for dental care, one of the recommendations you are probably not excited to receive is the suggestion for a tooth extraction. Though you may initially feel overwhelmed, we encourage you to begin by considering our philosophy. We practice with a goal of putting your oral health, comfort, and best interests first. If we suggest the removal of your tooth it is through a conservative decision – we will only extract a tooth if all other restorative measures fail or will not suffice. The good news is that removing a problematic tooth actually yields a wonderful list of benefits. Ready to learn more about the positive aspects of an extraction? Look over the following to gain some added confidence:

Tooth Extraction Benefits

  1. You Can Protect Surrounding Teeth. If you’re dealing with a tooth infection, your entire smile is at risk. For instance, if you ignore an infection, it will only continue to progress and worsen over time, which may lead to the spread of that infection throughout your mouth. You can easily protect surrounding healthy tissues by choosing a tooth extraction.
  2. You Can Protect Your Comfort. Are you dealing with severe discomfort as a result of an infected tooth? Perhaps your tooth has shattered and you are having trouble eating and speaking on a daily basis. By removing your tooth with a tooth extraction, you will allow us to directly remove the source of your discomfort for a much more enjoyable daily quality of life.
  3. You’re Not Out Of Options. If your tooth is severely infected, damaged, or if a root canal treatment has failed, you may feel like you’re out of options. Fortunately, another benefit of a tooth extraction is that it will provide you a final option even after restorative solutions prove unsatisfactory. By removing the problem – your tooth – you create a clean slate for us to replace your tooth with a beautiful dental prosthetic, so you can enjoy excellent oral health again.


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