Are You Starting To Worry About An Older Filling Or Crown?

What will you have to do to keep a tooth safe after it has been treated for a cavity? Because the damage from decay is permanent, you may fear that you will have permanent issues with your tooth. You can be happy to know that the dental filling or dental crown put in place by your dentist is capable of protecting that tooth even as you use it to bite and chew. While restorations used in dental treatments are permanent, problems can sometimes occur as a filling or crown starts to feel loose, or experiences damage. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office can help you make sure your tooth is safe by evaluating an older restoration, and – if necessary – arranging the placement of a new one.

A Dental Restoration Is Meant To Provide Permanent Support

A dental restoration has to remain in place because a tooth is not able to naturally grow back whatever portion of it was damaged by tooth decay. Because of this, care is taken to ensure that a filling or crown is durable as well as effectively secured in place. Like your natural teeth, these restorations can remain in good condition for longer when you practice good oral health habits and avoid excess wear and tear. They can also start to show signs of wear, or experience damage, if you are not practicing good habits.

You Should Feel Comfortable Biting And Chewing With A Restored Tooth

If you no longer feel that you can confidently put pressure on a tooth whenever you bite and chew food, you should let your dentist know. A filling or crown is meant to provide several forms of support. They stop potential infections from occurring, they help restore a tooth’s appearance, and they allow you to maintain your natural dental function. If a change has occurred to you losing confidence in your bite, the matter should be addressed. Simply going out of your way not to bite down with a certain tooth can lead to wear and tear on others, and it may cause you to start feeling pain from TMJ disorder.

Receiving A Custom Restoration To Protect A Tooth

Before placing a restoration for a tooth, or before providing a replacement for an older restoration, our practice takes care to gather close measurements of it in order to provide the right filling or crown for you. A custom restoration is able to stay secure with fewer issues, and it can look more attractive when placed. Because we are able to offer restorations made from tooth-colored materials, we can take care to match the color of your tooth with your filling or crown.

Our Southlake, TX Dentist’s Office Can Restore Teeth With Custom Fillings And Crowns

Have you grown concerned about a dental filling or dental crown?

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