Are You Starting To Grow Concerned About Sensitive Teeth?

It should have been a typical, pleasant meal, but dental sensitivity made eating a chore. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Sensitive teeth can make eating and drinking uncomfortable, and it can create some understandable concerns about a person’s overall oral health. There are different circumstances that can lead to sensitivity. If the problem is accompanied by face and jaw pain, it may be linked to unresolved problems with teeth grinding. If you only have one sensitive tooth, it may be a sign that restorative dental work is needed. In order to find out what your troubles with dental sensitivity stem from, our Southlake, TX dentist’s can provide an evaluation of your oral health. Once an issue is identified, we can recommend treatment so that you can finally put this issue behind you!

More Than One Issue Can Lead To Dental Sensitivity

One person who brings up problems with dental sensitivity can discuss problems that do not line up with the experiences of another person with this issue. Sometimes, the matter is connected to receding periodontal tissues, which expose parts of teeth that have less natural protection. It can also stem from an injured tooth, or one that is affected by dental decay. If pain and sensitivity affect more than just your teeth, or if the problem is most severe at the start of your day, it may be time to talk about bruxism with your dentist.

Teeth Grinding And Dental Sensitivity

One common problem for people who struggle with teeth grinding is a tendency to grind or clench at night. Because you are asleep, you are not able to stop yourself from engaging in this habit, which can lead to wear and tear that hurts your smile and oral health. For people who persistently struggle with this condition, a custom appliance can be created to protect their teeth. If you want to control the habit before your next appointment, focus on stress reduction before bed, and take out alcohol and caffeine from your diet.

A Sensitive Or Painful Tooth May Be Infected

If you have a single tooth that often feels sensitive or sore, it may be infected. Without a root canal procedure, the matter can grow worse and eventually lead to the loss of your tooth! Reach out to arrange an appointment if you think that an infection might be responsible for your dental sensitivity so that the matter can be addressed before it worsens.

Bring Concerns About Dental Sensitivity To Our Southlake, TX Dentist’s Office

Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office is prepared to help patients determine why they struggle with dental sensitivity, and we can help find the right solution for the matter.

Call our Southlake Dental Office to make an appointment with a dentist who may be able to help you find out more about this topic, and improve your oral health.