The Properties of Metal and Non-Metal Fillings

Metal amalgam is a mixture of liquid mercury and a powdered alloy containing silver, tin, copper, and other trace metals. Since the late 1800s, amalgam has helped countless patients with cavities restore their teeth as an inexpensive and durable dental filling. However, as highly-effective as metal amalgam fillings are, they still fall short in their ability to preserve teeth and prevent further infection. Southlake dentist, Dr. Gregory Wright, uses non-metal dental fillings instead of amalgam to improve the look and function of your restorative treatment.

The Good and Bad of Amalgam

As a tooth restoration, a dental filling has to meet a number of criteria to successfully restore and preserve your tooth. Your teeth are subject to repeated biting and chewing, and your dental filling must be able to successfully withstand the pressure. Metal amalgam fillings are tough, and can usually withstand such pressures without failing or falling out. Unfortunately, metal is fairly obvious against the backdrop of your pearly white teeth, and metal fillings can shine distractingly as you speak and smile. When exposed to considerably hot or cold temperatures, metal can also expand or contract with the temperature change. Your teeth are inflexible, and if the filling expands, it can damage the tooth. If the filling contracts, then it can create spaces between your filling and your tooth where more bacteria can enter and reignite tooth decay.

The Improvements of White Composite Resin

White, or tooth-colored, composite resin is an innovative dental material that can be bonded to your tooth’s structure, as well as tinted to exactly match your tooth’s color. By bonding to the surface of the tooth, composite resin (or white fillings) offer a stronger seal against bacteria, and can blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile. When bonded to the tooth, composite resin can also help improve the tooth’s integrity by holding it together. In spite of their improved functionality, white fillings also offer a more discreet solution to cavities, allowing you to restore your tooth while maintaining its outward appearance.

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