Your Whiter Smile Tips: Maintaining Realistic Expectations

There’s something about the idea of whitening one’s smile that can send patients over the top! At first, you just really wish that you could feel good about your smile, as you make stains a thing of the past. However, the next moment, you may find yourself wondering if you’ll be able to get your smile exceptionally white, as you scroll through the brightest smiles you can find online. Here’s the important detail to keep in mind, when you’re approaching the idea of cosmetic care: Maintaining realistic expectations is key! When you do so, it’s much easier to feel overjoyed with your journey! Review some tips from our Southlake, TX team, so you can have a wonderful experience.

Tip: Remember That You See Lots Of Filtered Photos

The photos that you see every day, if you happen to spend time online are not usually exact, precise representations of reality. Instead, remember that our world is full of technology that can enhance the colors in images with the click of a button or some very advanced work! Whether someone has doctored their teeth with editing software or used a special filter, don’t be fooled. If it’s a whiter smile than you’ve ever seen (or someone you know whose smile certainly doesn’t look so amazing in person), it’s your clue: It’s too good to be true! Of course, the same applies to television, online ads, magazine pages, and more! Don’t let these experiences impact your expectations of what you can achieve with cosmetic care in the real world!

Tip: Talk With Us About What Natural Brightness Includes

Now that your brain has been inundated with smiles that don’t live up to what you can realistically expect from cosmetic care, you may wonder: What is a natural, white, healthy smile supposed to look like? This is a very good thing to discuss with us, when we see you. We can explain the subtle nuances in shade that occur from person to person, while we offer visual representations of what we can achieve for your smile (and what natural looking shades include).

Tip: Remember That Your Smile Is Only Getting Brighter (Unless)

Remember that when you come to see us for a whiter smile and you select a cosmetic care treatment for that purpose (this will generally include teeth whitening), then you should expect a smile that becomes brighter. However, you should not expect additional improvements. That is, unless you select treatment that specifically help you achieve more, such as porcelain veneers. Hoping for more than vibrancy? Tell us!

Enjoy A Brighter, Natural-Looking Smile

Bid your stained smile goodbye, as you welcome in a much brighter smile that looks just as vibrant as it does natural and lovely. Learn all about cosmetic options and expectations when you speak with us! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.