Address Multiple Issues with Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are thin shells of dental porcelain that, as their name suggests, are bonded to the front surfaces of teeth to enhance their healthy appearance. Every veneer is hand-crafted to closely match a tooth’s exact size, shape, and contour, and when placed onto the tooth, it can completely transform its appearance in nearly an instant.

When Your Smile Needs Are Complex

Porcelain veneers are designed with optimal esthetics in mind, but we often recommend them for more than just their appearance. The goals of expert cosmetic dentistry include the maximum preservation of your healthy tooth structure, and porcelain veneers are thin enough that they can be placed with minimal preparation of your tooth. They can also address several different smile concerns at once, making them a highly preferable option for many smile makeover plans.

How Porcelain Veneers Address Them

Custom-designed veneers are made with two main goals in mind; to improve your smile’s appearance and to optimize its long-term oral health. They achieve this by remaining thin enough to minimize the need to prepare your tooth structure, which means they don’t impact your tooth’s natural health and integrity. Together, the lifelike appearance and minimal placement of veneers offers several benefits for improving your smile, including:

  • Less time in the chair due to minimized treatment
  • Reduced risks of tooth damage or decay in the future
  • The ability to correct some alignment issues without braces
  • A more convenient way to completely makeover your smile
  • And more

Transform Your Smile Instantly with Veneers

The beauty of porcelain veneers is that they not only closely resemble your healthy, natural teeth, but can also address multiple issues at once to minimize your cosmetic treatment. When you’re ready to schedule a consultation, call the office of Gregory Wright, DDS in Southlake, TX today at (817) 481-7999. We’ve proudly served the residents of Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Trophy Club, Colleyville, and all surrounding communities since 1992.