Whitening: Things That Are Absolutely, Just Not True!

There’s nothing quite like feeling extremely excited about something, such as teeth whitening for your smile, only to be met with a ton of opposition nearly everywhere you turn! You mention it to a friend and that friend says whitening will harm your smile. You hop online and you read that it won’t work on your crowns. What to do? Where to turn? As a matter of fact, we can make this very easy for you: Come to our Southlake, TX practice, learn all about the facts, let go of false information, and then find yourself on the path toward a glittering smile!

Not True: You Can’t Whiten Artificial Tissue

You might not bother asking us about teeth whitening because along the way, you heard that it’s impossible to whiten artificial tissue. So, since you have dental crowns or other artificial tissue in place that is visible, you decided you didn’t want to deal with the complex care required to brighten your grin. Good news: We offer Glo Whitening, which can whiten your entire smile!

Not True: Whitening Will Make Your Teeth Sensitive Forever

Nope, this isn’t true. That is, unless you are taking teeth whitening into your own hands. If you’re whitening at home (particularly if you’re over-whitening in order to see desired results), then it’s possible to damage and really irritate your teeth. When you select whitening with us, however, we offer gentle care that may yield mild but very short-lived sensitivity that goes away quickly.

Not True: Whitening Is The Only Path Toward White Teeth

If it turns out teeth whitening isn’t necessarily your best bet, take heart: That’s what the rest of the cosmetic care solutions we offer are here for! You may qualify for veneers or bonding instead. Rest assured, there’s a treatment for you!

Not True: Whitening Makes Your Teeth Look Fake

Fortunately, the results that you can expect from teeth whitening, as well as from any other cosmetic care treatment we offer at our practice, will provide you not only with stellar results but also results that look beautiful and natural! We take pride not only in offering comprehensive treatment but also in providing you with the smile you hope to achieve.

Get Teeth Whitening Facts From Us

When you want a whiter smile but your mind is being filled up with all sorts of myths regarding cosmetic care, we remind you to come straight to our team, so you can clear up myths and get the facts you need! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.