Right Or Wrong? Your Common Toothbrush Questions!

While you are probably spending most of your energy focusing on the details of your dental hygiene sessions as it applies to your technique, you may look up one day and realize you’ve got some toothbrush questions! You may wonder if all of that hard work you’re putting into caring for your oral health is really paying off or if maybe your lack of knowledge in the toothbrush department might be jeopardizing your efforts. Sure, you know you require a soft-bristle brush but what about other factors, such as keeping it clean? Though this may seem like a vast and wondrous world, our Southlake, TX team can actually clear up the mystery right away!

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it bad for my toothbrush to remain wet all day and all night? I put it in my drawer and keep wondering if I should be storing it some other way.

Answer: We offer this simple explanation: You want your brush to dry to limit bacteria. Rather than putting it away, keep it upright (bristles up) in the open air (in a cup or holder), so it may dry between uses!

Question: I know that I’m supposed to use a new toothbrush every three months or four months. However, my brush always seems to be frayed well before that deadline. Am I doing something wrong? Should I still wait until the three months are up before replacing it?

Answer: First, if this is happening, it’s better to replace your brush earlier than the three-month mark because once the bristles are frayed, they are not providing you with cleansing that is as effective as it should be during dental hygiene. As for what’s going on, you should come in for a dental checkup. You may be brushing too aggressively, which can promote oral health problems! We can guide you toward gentler brushing.

Question: I’m under the impression that I should probably doing something to really clean my toothbrush every now and then. However, everything I read basically says I just need to rinse it after I use it during dental hygiene. Which is correct?

Answer: We appreciate your desire to keep your products clean! As you mentioned, rinse after use. Then, of course, give your brush exposure to air to dry. It’s that simple.

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