Flossing: Let’s Go Through A Single Session!

When we ask you how your flossing is going, you may shrug and respond with something like, “Just fine!” However, our Southlake, TX team really wants to know how it’s unfolding. Do you feel like you’re heading through this part of your dental hygiene with great ease and confidence? Or, do you sense that something might be amiss, you wonder if you’re following the proper technique, and more? To take all possible guesswork and anxiety out of the equation, we’d love to walk you through a single flossing routine!

Start With ADA Approved Floss (That You Like)

We remind you that if you want to feel certain the floss you’re using for dental hygiene is going to provide you with good results, it’s always a good idea to remember two things. First, remember that ADA (American Dental Association) approved floss is sure to work. Next, remember that it’s always best to actually like your floss, so you can feel motivated and enjoy the experience.

Tear Off About 18 Inches

Don’t want to require fillings or care for gingivitis? Then make sure you are using enough floss to thoroughly clean your smile without just transferring bacteria from one place to the next.

Wind Floss Then Navigate

This is where lots of patients get a little bit tripped up when it comes to optimizing their dental hygiene experience! If you have long lamented that your fingers become tingly or numb, or that navigating your smile is difficult, this is where we can stop that:

  • Wind the floss around your middle fingers instead of your index fingers!
  • Now, as you floss, use your index fingers, as well as your thumbs, to move the floss throughout your smile. It will make things easier!

Floss Between All Teeth

Remember that, of course, we will be happy to physically guide you through a flossing session during your next dental checkup! However, until then, we suggest you begin feeling certain you are on track with dental hygiene by following basic steps. Don’t forget that a good flossing session means cleaning between all teeth, starting down just beneath your gum tissue, as you apply gentle pressure to one tooth, then the neighboring tooth, sliding the floss upward.

Don’t Forget Right Behind Back Teeth!

Floss behind back teeth, too, for a thorough cleansing with your dental floss!

Receive Flossing Help From Us

Whether you have a question about the dental floss you’re choosing (or any other product), or you need some actual help with your technique and approach, remember that our team is here and ready to offer help! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake, Grapevine, and surrounding areas.