Dental Sealants and Cavity Prevention

Many children suffer from dental caries (cavities), which can be caused by improper brushing habits or consuming an excess amount of sugary foods and drinks. If the decay becomes too bad, than the child can lose a baby tooth early, which can lead to drifting (their other teeth crowd into the empty space and leave no room for the permanent tooth to erupt). For this reason, cavities are considered a problem for children as well as adults. However, like with adults, they can be prevented by good oral care and certain preventive measures, such as dental sealants.

What are Dental Sealants?

Although there are things you can do at home to protect you or your children’s teeth from harm, going to the dentist is also important as we can add extra protection to your teeth with preventive measures. One measure that can help both children and adults is dental sealants. Dentists can apply plastic resin to the surface of relatively healthy teeth to prevent cavities. The plastic will mold to the surface of your teeth, generally the back molars, to protect the enamel of your teeth. Because your enamel is a protective layer itself, sealants help provide double protection from bacterial acid.

The sealant procedure is straightforward and non-invasive. We simply prepare the tooth by cleaning it, then place a solution on the teeth that will make the enamel a bit rougher, so that the sealant will be able to adhere to your teeth better. The sealant will be bonded to your teeth. It can last for several years, and can be easily reapplied if needed.

Other Preventive Measures

While at the dental office, we will check the status of you or your children’s teeth to make sure they are in good health. To protect teeth, we can give them a thorough cleaning and take X-rays to check for any problems not visible to the naked eye. In addition, there are steps you can take at home to protect teeth, such as by brushing properly and eating healthy.


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