Children’s Dentist in Southlake

Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron recommend that all of their patients, even the youngest ones, have their teeth cleaned every six months. Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron each have children of their own, so they understand the challenges and benefits of regular dental visits.

Dr. Victoria Heron is dedicated to treating your child with a gentle hand in a compassionate environment. She welcomes open communication from all of her patients and understands that a trip to the dentist’s office may seem a little daunting for young children.

Why Does My Child Need A Checkup?

Checkups are just as essential to your child’s health as they are to yours. Proper dental care is important for even very young children for a variety of reasons:

  • Your child’s baby, or primary, teeth act as a placeholder for his or her permanent teeth.
  • When a baby tooth comes out too early due to decay, invasive orthodontic treatment may be required to reopen the space for the permanent tooth to emerge.
  • Teeth aid in proper speech development in small children.
  • Baby teeth that are infected may adversely affect the permanent tooth waiting below it. Infections in baby teeth may cause weakness or stains in permanent teeth.
  • Your child needs baby teeth to learn how to properly chew his or her food.

Without regular treatment, your child may suffer from cavities, gingivitis, tooth sensitivity, or other conditions without you knowing it. Dr. Heron can examine and diagnose any abnormalities that may affect your child’s baby teeth. With early detection, most conditions are treated using less invasive methods. She or AACD-accredited cosmetic dentist Dr. Wright can also repair small chips in your child’s teeth through the use of dental bonding.

What Should We Expect at my Child’s Checkup?

For children dentist exams are very similar to adult checkups. X-rays are used to assess the health and structure of your child’s teeth and jaw. Dr. Heron or Dr. Wright will be looking for signs of cavities, infection, or other abnormalities when viewing your child’s X-rays.

The dentist will then examine your child’s teeth with the help of a small mirror and a dental tool to feel the tooth’s surface. Some signs of decay can only be detected by gently feeling teeth in this manner. Your child will also receive a teeth cleaning at their checkup. This may include flossing, polishing, or other cleaning methods as needed. You and your child will also receive recommendations about the proper care and cleaning of his or her teeth between appointments. To schedule your child’s dental appointment, call Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron at (817) 481-7999. Located in Southlake, TX, we’ve proudly served the residents of Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Trophy Club, Colleyville, and all surrounding communities since 1992.