Warmer Weather Means: Guzzle That Water!

Are you remembering to increase the amount of water you drink as the temperatures heat up in Southlake, TX? Unless you’re already quite committed to your daily H2O, we remind you that forgetting to compensate for the higher heat and what is likely an increased activity level can mean not only negative things for your overall health in terms of dehydration but this can be bad news for your oral health, too! Not to worry: We’ve got the quick advice everyone can use for easy spring and summer smile protection!

Track The Water You Drink

We know that you may think you’re drinking a lot of water. Or, you may feel like you really do try but you can’t seem to finish out your day having taken in around 64 fluid ounces! What to do? Our advice is to start tracking your water. When you keep an eye on the amount you drink, you set daily goals, and you either succeed or not, it’s easier to become dedicated to getting enough for your body and your oral health. You may wish to write down the details or use some sort of bottle with measurements that makes tracking simple.

Remember: Hydration Is Good For Your Smile

Did we mention how important hydration is for your oral health? What’s the big deal, you wonder? Well, when you’re short on water, you’re short on moisture. When you’re short on moisture, you don’t have enough saliva. When you’re lacking saliva, your body’s natural bacteria-and-debris-rinsing-system isn’t functioning properly. So, you end up with issues like dry mouth, a risk of decay, and more. Drink that water!

Stick With Water Unless…

We know that you might feel as though stocking up on bulk purchases of sports drinks is the best thing you can do for hydration once the temps are on the rise. However, whether this is an assumption you’re making on behalf of yourself or your children, remember: Water is usually perfectly wonderful for rehydrating yourself if you’re participating in sports or other activities that lead to perspiration. If you’re doing intensive training that means intensity for an hour or more, then sure, you might need that replenishment. Otherwise, skip the sports drinks for the following oral health issues:

  • They can stain your smile
  • They are very acidic and will end up contributing to smile damage
  • Acidity and any added sugars may encourage cavity development

Drink More Water This Summer

Take the rising temperatures in spring and summer seriously when you’re doing your best to protect your oral health! Remember to check in with us for preventive visits and to maintain oral moisture simply by drinking water! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.