Questions About Your Smile’s Stains

Do you have smile stains? Are you realizing lately that you have questions about them because something related to your discoloration is causing you to feel confused? This is natural! From feeling curious about why you have stains to wondering if it’s time to come in for teeth whitening (or if you will even qualify for such a cosmetic treatment), there are lots of things to ask about. The wonderful thing about this curiosity of yours: Our Southlake, TX team is here to listen and to offer you the feedback you’re looking for, so you can get headed toward feeling confident about your oral health and so you can gain a whiter smile.

Questions and Answers

Question: Why is my smile stained? I take very good care of it, so I don’t understand why it isn’t bright white at the moment.

Answer: Your smile can become stained even if you take very good care of it. Why is that, you wonder? Well, because you’re still using it every day. It is often the natural result of daily wear and tear. Or, you may have intrinsic smile stains from something like medication side effects. Don’t feel sad! Simply let us know that you are interested in cosmetic care. The results will last for many years.

Question: Is it true that some drinks that aren’t even staining in nature can lead to stains? I don’t get this.

Answer: Yes! While drinks that are packed with pigments can stain your teeth, very acidic drinks can make your teeth more likely to stain or look yellow. Remember that acids dissolve your enamel. This may show more of your dentin (the yellow tissue beneath). Or, it may simply make your tissue more likely to become discolored. Watch for anything acidic, even clear sodas and white wine.

Question: How do I know which cosmetic care treatment is right for my smile stains?

Answer: The best way to determine whether it’s teeth whitening you need or something else is to talk with us. This can be nearly impossible to figure out at home on your own. You’ll need a consultation with us, so we can figure out the best pathway for you to take to arrive at a white grin.

Address Your Smile Stains With Our Help

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