Why Crooked Teeth Are Harmful

Crooked teeth may be considered a simple cosmetic issue, but the problem can cause serious harm to your oral health if it is left untreated. Also known as malocclusion, the condition can lead to TMJ disorders (problems with the joints in your jaws), tooth decay, and weaker teeth, because of the way the alignment of your jaw and teeth affect your oral health. Luckily, Realine can reshape your smile to prevent oral problems caused by crooked teeth and give you a more confident appearance.

Why Do Crooked Teeth Affect Your Oral Health?

Your teeth are aligned in a way that distributes the pressure from biting to all of your teeth. However, malocclusion can upset how the pressure is disbursed, and the structures of your teeth can be weakened. Your jaw will also be affected by the excess pressure, which can potentially lead to a TMJ disorder. In addition, the bacteria on your teeth and gums will have more grooves and spaces to hide in, which can contribute to tooth decay.

What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Malocclusion has many different causes. It can be hereditary, which means prevention may not be an option. It can be caused in childhood by habits such as thumb sucking or using a pacifier past a certain point (generally three years). Furthermore, tooth loss can cause misaligned teeth, because those that remain will try to drift into the empty spaces to take up the slack in your bite’s integrity.

What are the Treatments for Malocclusion?

One common treatment for uneven teeth is braces (brackets and wires attached to your teeth) that guide your teeth into more proper positions. Realine, which substitutes the noticeable brackets and wires for plastic aligners, can often achieve the same results in a much more discreet fashion. Each aligner is worn for a couple of weeks, then changed for the next aligner in the series to gently and gradually force your teeth into more symmetrical positions. Made from see-through acrylic, Realine aligners are also virtually invisible when placed over your teeth.


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