Think Before You Bite

Do you give much thought to the different ways you use your smile? You already know that you put it on display when you feel happy or when something is funny – and that you use it to chew your food. However, patients often rely on their teeth for a variety of other purposes that can quickly lead to damage. We suggest you look over some common ways you might be damaging your smile. Protecting your smile, of course, is a main facet of family dentistry, so make the most of our care by thinking before you bite.

Leave Your Nails Alone!

Biting your nails may not necessarily damage your teeth but it can contribute to problems like jaw discomfort and disorder (as a result of awkwardly shifting your jaw or tensing your muscles) or bruxism (the habitual clenching or grinding of your teeth). This family dentistry tip applies to everyone of every age because nail biting can become a habit for anyone. Speak with us about ways to end this habit if you find you cannot do it on your own.

Reach For Scissors – Not Your Smile

Your teeth are certainly wonderful tools for breaking down food, so you can get the nutrients you need. However, when you rely on them in place of tools like scissors, you might run into a problem. When we are offering important family dentistry tips, a common suggestion is to stop relying on your teeth to remove bottle caps, open plastic or paper packages, and more. Instead, reach for the scissors or instruct your children to ask you to open packages for them.

Don’t Bite Into Hard Candy

If you’re a fan of hard candy, make sure you are prepared to slowly enjoy the candy by sucking on it until it dissolves. If you are the type of person who can’t help but chomp down on hard candies the moment they enter your mouth, then we suggest reaching for something much softer when your sweet tooth makes its appearance.