Quick-Guide: Family Dentistry Treatments

When you hear that we offer family dentistry to care for the smiles of your entire family, you may assume that we are simply referring to routine preventive visits. However, you will likely be pleased to discover that the treatments we provide for yourself and your loved ones (of all ages) actually far surpasses cleanings and checkups. You see, keeping everyone’s smile and oral health in excellent shape means considering all aspects of your mouth and surrounding supportive structures. To become familiar with the comprehensive care we offer, we suggest you learn a bit more about our gentle, family-focused services.

Preventive Visits

The foundation of a healthy smile is preventive care. We help you and your family maintain healthy smiles with preventive dental checkups and cleanings. You should schedule a visit once every six months, so we can clean your smile (removing plaque and tartar accumulation) and monitor the wellbeing of your smile. Early detection yields effective treatment for smiles that remain healthy for years to come.

Children’s Dentistry

Your children require specialized care. Their smiles are still developing (as are their habits and their commitment to dental care). We offer gentle services, a kind, compassionate approach, and suggestions for comfortable, effective home care.

Bruxism Treatment

Protecting your smile and jaw joints from damage is just as important as keeping your oral health safe from the negative effects of plaque. We will monitor your smile for bruxism (the habitual clenching or grinding of your teeth), so your teeth and jaws remain strong and damage-free.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

An important aspect of family dentistry is making sure you’re getting enough sleep at night, so you can feel energized on a daily basis. We offer sleep apnea treatment for individuals suffering from this sleep disorder.