Q&A: Realine Treatment

Have you been dealing with minor smile alignment issues? Were you initially overjoyed to learn about Realine treatment because you finally found a way to avoid metal braces, while achieving the straighter smile you’ve been dreaming about? What is causing you to hesitate when it comes to seeking treatment? We usually find that patients put off treatment – even if it seems ideal – because they have some unanswered questions. Allow us to provide you with some helpful information with the assistance of common questions (and our responses). Then, set up a consultation with us, so we may join you on your venture toward a lovelier smile.

Q&A: Realine Treatment

Question: I have friends who wear Invisalign and they get to take their trays out during the day. I know Realine is somewhat different – will I get to take my trays out, too?

Answer: Yes. Realine provides improvement for minor misalignment issues but is quite similar when it comes to the treatment details associated with Invisalign. Fortunately, you may remove your aligner trays throughout the day for up to four hours without compromising your progress.

Question: How long does Realine take to shift my teeth into alignment? I usually assume any type of orthodontic treatment requires at least a year.

Answer: We are making minor adjustment that will provide a beautiful payoff. As a result, you will typically only need to wear your Realine treatment for around three to four months.

Question: What types of issues can you address with Realine treatment?

Answer: This clear aligner tray system works for a variety of minor misalignment concerns or orthodontic relapse. You may qualify if you are dealing with gentle overcrowding, minor spacing, or what we call “anterior rotation,” which means your front teeth have gently turned, creating a somewhat crooked appearance.