3 Reasons To Ask About Orthodontic Care

Is the idea of receiving orthodontic care something that you have given some thought to – but it seems quite foreign, so you never press the matter any further? You may be surprised to learn that while this area of dental care may fall outside of your usual comfort zone, there are many reasons to begin considering orthodontics. Rather than assume this is an type of treatment that’s meant for someone else, we suggest you learn more about why it might be extremely well-suited to you. Consider a few reasons to simply ask us about treatments like Realine, so you can gather a little motivation.

Reason #1: You Want A Better Looking Smile

A very common reason to seek orthodontic care is the desire for a more beautiful smile. Our culture places a lot of emphasis on a consistent, straight smile free of gaps or crooked teeth. If you are unhappy with the way your smile appears, let us know. We will explain your options, while determining whether you simply need cosmetic braces for gentle alignment or if you require significant care for fully misaligned teeth.

Reason #2: Your Jaw Hurts

Does your jaw hurt? Did you know that jaw strain is commonly the result of misaligned teeth? You see, chewing, speaking, and remaining at rest requires you to close your teeth together – if they fit awkwardly together, you may attempt a new position (that stresses your jaw joints). Over time, your jaw joints may become strained and exhausted. Straightening your smile with orthodontic care can resolve your bite, so you can comfortably close your teeth and your jaws can function properly.

Reason #3: Your Teeth Were Straight Once

Did you receive orthodontic care in the past, the results of which included a beautifully aligned smile? Fortunately, a treatment like Realine can shift your teeth back into that lovely smile you enjoyed.