Minor Misalignment: Should I Improve My Smile?

Have you already had orthodontic treatment but it’s been quite a while and your teeth have since shifted? Perhaps you have never had braces and you continue to hesitate seeking treatment because your misalignment is extremely minor. Before you assume your mild overcrowding or the small spaces between your teeth are too subtle for improvement, think again. We offer Realine treatment to shift your teeth into beautiful alignment, so you can reap the many benefits. Wondering why you should consider treatment? Look over the following:

Improve Dental Hygiene

If you have tiny spaces between your teeth, you know how easy it is for food to become trapped in those gaps – you also know that this can make removing debris frustrating and a common challenge during dental hygiene. Or, if your teeth gently overlap, you may find yourself struggling with dental floss and attempting to find a way to clean every single tooth surface. Rather than dealing with these issues, which can quickly lead to tooth decay and gum disease, orthodontic treatment will help. Straighten your smile with Realine treatment and say goodbye to your concerns about hygiene.

Avoid Jaw Strain

Even minor problems with misalignment will cause you to deal with an imbalanced bite. The bad news here is that problems with balance may cause you to stress your jaw joints (your TMJs – short for temporomandibular joints) in an effort to comfortably speak, chew, and close your mouth. Over an extended period of time, this stress can take a toll on your jaw and result in TMJ disorder and damage. Aligning your teeth with Realine treatment may protect your supportive structures.

Enjoy A Uniform Smile

The most obvious reason to improve the alignment of your smile is that it will alter your appearance. You will no longer feel the need to camouflage your smile. Instead, your beautifully aligned teeth will give you the confidence you need to share it proudly.


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