Making Dental Care Fun For The Kids

There’s something about introducing dental care to your little one that can result in some serious anxiety or hesitation on your part. We understand. Having guided many, many children (along with their parents) through dental care over the years, we understand that you simply hope for your child to have a great experience. If you happen to have had not-so-wonderful dental experiences in your own childhood, it’s understandable that you may feel concerned you’ll pass along your own mixed feelings. Fortunately, approaching children’s dentistry is fun and easy. You just need to make brushing, flossing, and visits an enjoyable part of life. Not sure how? A few tips will help you out.

Use Positive Words

Just eliminate negative words from your vocabulary altogether when talking about dental hygiene or dental visits. No, we don’t mean saying things like, “dental visits aren’t scary at all!” – that term “scary” may end up being the only thing your child remembers you saying. Instead, use terms and phrases like fun, comfortable, important, good for you, and the like. Your child will have nothing to worry about.

Let Them Choose Their Products

Granted, you will need to steer your little ones in the right direction by pointing to multiple age-appropriate items. However, one of the great joys of developing a love for dental care is making the experience personal and fun. Give your little one a bit of control so he or she feels like a grown up by letting your child pick a toothbrush or choose a yummy toothpaste flavor.

Turn Teeth Time Into “Fun Time”

One of the most important aspects of making children’s dentistry an enjoyable experience is literally infusing your home dental care with fun. Perhaps you want to set a time and call it “smile time” or something similar. Maybe you want to turn on some music your child likes while you brush and floss your teeth. Make sure you brush together, so it’s a nice family experience and so you can guide your child’s developing habits. Remember to trust your instincts (and to ask us questions if any should arise).


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