How To Really Help Your Smile Glow

If we were to ask you about how you’d like your smile to look, you would most certainly not respond with, “I’d like it to look somewhat dim and dingy.” With that said, however, you may find that this is somewhat close to how you would characterize your smile at the moment and, as a result, the more likely response is that you would really love to find a way for your smile to truly glow! So, what does it take, you wonder, to achieve a white smile that seems lit from within, vibrant, and that stays that way? As luck would have it, our Southlake, TX practice has the answers!

Keep It Oh So Clean

In order to achieve a white smile and to keep a white smile, no matter what, you are always going to have to remember to keep it as clean as you possibly can! Now, we don’t mean that you need to go overboard and brush it constantly throughout the day. However, our team is implying is that you should be very mindful of maintaining your dental hygiene, as well as your cleanings with our team of dental professionals. When teeth are clean, they are free of stain-causing pigments, and they look nice. Prevent discoloration with attention to detail!

Consider Whitening With Us

Of course, for any existing stains, we remind you that you’re not going to be able to brush discoloration away. Instead, you will need to select a cosmetic dental treatment with our practice. Of course, for beautifully glowing teeth and a white smile, we encourage you to come in to talk with us about our teeth whitening options, which include GLO whitening, which is gentle yet offers powerful results for most patients.

Try To Avoid Staining Items

This is a simple one. While you don’t have to completely give up pigmented products, do remember that to keep your smile just as bright as possible, it’s best to try to limit staining foods and drinks when you can. Or, when you consume them, quickly follow your sip or bite with water to keep teeth clean (and glowing!).

Rely On Veneers To Camouflage Serious Discoloration

Upset because you’re fairly certain that due to your serious discoloration and other concerns, teeth whitening is probably not going to give you the improvement you want? No worries! Porcelain veneers can offer exceptional camouflaging for a very white smile.

Keep Your Smile Glowing With Our Care

Remember that achieving a brilliant, glowing smile is absolutely possible, when you take our suggestions to heart! Rely on us for whitening and other cosmetic care, as well as essential prevention! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.