Holiday Time Family Dental Care

Do you look at the lovely smiles of your significant other and your children with love in your heart? Does that love begin to include a bit of horror as you imagine the onslaught of sugar that is headed toward those beautiful teeth over the holiday season? If so, we understand. As much fun as the winter season can be, it is also chock full of goodies that promote tooth decay and other dental issues. Allow us to help you guide your family through this festive time of year with some helpful preventive care tips.

Schedule Preventive Care Visits

Probably not what you were hoping to do over the holiday season – but now is a wonderful time! The kids are out of school (and you might even have a little time off), which means you can actually schedule family appointments without having to juggle a wide variety of other daily tasks. If there’s anything that requires restorative care, we can take care of it before the year is through.

Remain Mindful About Sugar

The last thing you want is to become the scrooge in the family who doesn’t let anyone indulge in the delicious goodies that come with holiday time. However, you know that avoiding tooth decay is essential. Practice preventive care at home by following these suggestions:

  • Have everyone drink water with meals, particularly after dessert
  • Serve dessert in conjunction with meals to decrease the negative effect of sugar
  • When possible, have your family rinse after eating meals – then brush after approximately half an hour