Dentistry For Pregnant Women: Part Two

Although you will have many concerns while pregnant, protecting your oral health remains important throughout this time. Pregnancy can lead to an increased risk of some dental problems, such as gum disease and tooth decay. These problems can be prevented by following certain guidelines your dentist can give you, so make sure to discuss your pregnancy and the effects it may have on your oral health with your dentist. There are steps you can take at home or the dentist can take in the office to preserve the health of a pregnant patient’s teeth and gums.

How to Protect Your Teeth During Pregnancy

If you can, try to schedule an appointment with your dentist before you become pregnant, so that any dental issues you have can be treated. Once you are pregnant, dentists generally try to avoid treatment during the first and third trimester, because of how the baby develops at the time. Any non-emergency procedures should be postponed until after the birth.

Nevertheless, be sure to attend your routine dental checkup and cleaning appointment so we can check for any problems that may develop. Many women develop “pregnancy gingivitis” or become at greater risk of tooth decay, which can be exacerbated by vomiting or the consumption of sugary foods you may eat because of cravings.

At home, you can avoid or limit sugary foods that lead to plaque growth. Try to maintain a healthy diet that will promote the health of you and your baby’s teeth. Make sure to ingest a lot of calcium, as this mineral is especially good for your developing baby’s own oral health. Although morning sickness can prevent you from brushing your teeth properly, try to brush as best as you can. Switch to a blander toothpaste if needed, although try to find one with the ADA seal of approval to ensure the best protection for your teeth.


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