Are You a Likely Candidate for Tooth Loss?

Your permanent teeth might be meant to last for life, but that doesn’t mean they’re guaranteed to. Due to poor hygiene, accidents, neglecting your dental visits, and numerous other factors, tooth loss remains a significant threat to many people. Fortunately, if you can identify the risk factors most relevant to you, then you can protect yourself from them and increase your chances of effectively preventing tooth loss.

Have you ever been afflicted with a dental disease?

A dental disease can be a cavity, which is caused by infectious tooth decay; periodontal disease (or gum disease); dental abscesses (pockets of infection); or more. While most dental issues can cost you one or more teeth if not treated, gum disease is the most frequent cause of missing teeth. If you’ve ever had gum disease, it may still be a threat if you let up in your dental hygiene and care, making you more likely to lose teeth than someone who’s never had gum disease.

Do you routinely engage in contact sports or extreme sports?

It’s not the most common cause, but accidental trauma may be one of the most recognizable of reasons to lose teeth. Hockey, football, martial arts, and other contact sports, as well as extreme sports like skateboarding, can expose your teeth to a significantly increased risk of loss. Be sure to wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth from potential trauma.

Have you already lost a tooth?

Unfortunately, tooth loss is a vicious cycle—if you lose one, then your risks of losing more increase. Every time you lose a tooth, the jawbone that supported its root is reabsorbed. Your jawbone can also gradually lose density due to the loss of the root’s stimulation, eventually making it unable to retain all of your teeth. If you’ve already lost a tooth, but have not yet replaced it, then we advise doing so as soon as possible to reduce your risk of further tooth loss.


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