After Care For Whitening Questions

When you’re thinking about the benefits of receiving teeth whitening, it’s easy to get excited about scheduling your treatment. However, when you begin considering the unknowns, it can cause serious motivation to suddenly turn on a dime. Instead of feeling ready to head out for your vibrant smile, you may feel a little worried instead. This is especially common as patients begin wondering what after care and the days, weeks, and more after whitening are going to look like. Fortunately, our question and answers session can fix you right up with the stress-relieving information you need.

Questions and Answers

Question: Is it true that I should worry about what I eat for just a couple days after I receive teeth whitening? What will happen during those first 48 hours if I eat something staining?

Answer: Yes, we strongly encourage you to remember that your teeth are highly vulnerable to new stains during the first couple of days after whitening. As a result, staining foods will do just what you would imagine: Stain your smile! Once the first two days are up, you can go back to your usual eating habits.

Question: Are my teeth going to hurt for a long time after I receive teeth whitening?

Answer: They should not hurt at all. However, it is possible to experience some minor sensitivity. If this bothers you, all you need to do is take a pain reliever (an over-the-counter option available at your local drugstore) for relief. You might also consider brushing with sensitivity paste.

Question: What happens in the long run after teeth whitening? Is my smile going to permanently look vibrant forever now?

Answer: The whiteness will last a long time but not forever. You can keep it vibrant with suggested dental hygiene and preventive visits at our practice.

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