5 Reasons to Seek Straighter Teeth

Do you suffer from slightly crooked teeth? If you struggle with minor to moderate misalignment, you may assume that your orthodontic issues do not merit treatment. Actually, there are a number of reasons to seek straighter teeth. Even if you only have slight misalignment, orthodontic treatment can have dramatic effects for your appearance and your overall quality of life. Fortunately, we offer treatment specifically to correct these less severe orthodontic issues. The RealineTM aligners can achieve minor tooth movement to give you a straighter smile, typically in just three to four months.

Treatment to Achieve Straighter Teeth

RealineTM is made by Align Technology, the same company behind the game-changing Invisalign® treatment. RealineTM works similarly to Invisalign®, but it is designed expressly to correct minor misalignment and small gaps between teeth. We will take impressions, photos, and x-rays of your smile, and we will send them to a RealineTM lab. Technicians will create a set of five clear aligner trays. Each tray will fit securely around your teeth, and you will wear it for about two weeks before switching to the next tray in the sequence. After wearing all five trays, you should have noticeably straighter teeth.

The Benefits of a Straight Smile

Perhaps you are considering orthodontic treatment, but you are not sure that it is right for you. There are a number of surprising benefits to orthodontic treatment, and RealineTM can affect your life in ways you may never have imagined.

  1. Straighter teeth can reduce your risk for dental decay and gum disease.

Bits of food and bacteria can get trapped between overlapping teeth. The bacteria can also spread below your gum line, leading to periodontal disease. When you straighten your smile, it will be easier to access all areas of your teeth and maintain proper dental hygiene.

  1. RealineTM can lower your risk of dental erosion.

Even just one or two slightly crooked teeth can upset the balance of your bite. In turn, this will place uneven pressure on your other teeth, and they could start to wear away.

  1. Orthodontic treatment can make you look younger.

Crooked, gapped, or overlapping teeth can make you look older than you are. When you straighten your teeth, it will enhance your smile and rejuvenate your entire face.

  1. A straighter smile can boost your self-confidence.

If you are embarrassed about your crooked teeth, you may hide your smile behind your hands. You may even stop smiling altogether. However, when you choose RealineTM to enhance your smile, you will be ready to share your grin with those around you.

  1. RealineTM can enhance your career.

When you smile more in the workplace, your employer is likely to see you as happier, more satisfied with your job, and more productive. Like many patients, you could even enjoy greater responsibility and financial rewards.


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