3 Ways To Address Minor Misalignment

Is there a bit of a tug-of-war going on in your mind? If you’re suffering from minor misalignment issues, this is a very common tale. On one hand, you feel disappointed in the appearance of your smile because you would prefer it look more uniform. On the other hand, the alignment issue is quite mild, so you wonder if you’re just overreacting and question whether there’s even a treatment appropriate for your concerns. Good news: Even tiny esthetic imperfections qualify for treatment – you have the right to feel overjoyed with the appearance of your grin. By learning a bit more, you will discover you have access to a variety of effective options like Realine treatment.

Realine Treatment

Similar to Invisalign treatment, this is an orthodontic system that relies on the use of clear aligner trays rather than traditional brackets and wires associated with metal braces. The trays will gently shift your teeth into place, whether you’re dealing with mildly overlapped teeth, minor spacing, gently rotated teeth, or if you have received orthodontic treatment in the past but your teeth have shifted.

Dental Bonding and Contouring

Are you dealing with a small space or two between teeth but you don’t quite need Realine treatment? We can address this problem with dental bonding. By using color-customized composite (a synthetic resin material) we will fill the space to make it look like your neighboring teeth touch. Does one of your teeth gently overlap another? With dental contouring, we will remove a very small amount of tooth tissue from the foremost tooth to create an aligned appearance.

Porcelain Veneers

Are you dealing with minor misalignment issues throughout your smile? We may be able to create a more uniform appearance with the use of porcelain veneers. These are very thin ceramic casings made out of multiple porcelain layers that we bond directly to the visible portion of your teeth. We will thoroughly customize their dimensions to improve the consistency of your smile.