Your Smile And Pressure: Things To Remember!

It’s no secret that your teeth are susceptible to damage. It’s also no secret that your supporting tissues, such as your jaw joints, etc., are not immune to potential injury. However, something that you may not necessarily have on your radar (that’s very important) at the moment is pressure … and, unfortunately, it can have quite a seriously negative impact on all of those precious oral tissues you need to keep nice and safe. What to do, you wonder? Well, our Southlake, TX team suggests you begin by considering some details you should always keep in mind. Remember: A bit of helpful knowledge regarding prevention will allow you to keep your oral health highly protected!

Pressure Hurts Your Teeth

Not only will lots of pressure feel uncomfortable against your teeth but over time, it will actually damage your teeth. What types of pressure may your teeth be exposed to, you’re wondering? Well, remember that any physical pressure can negatively impact your oral health. Your goal should be considering the stuff you do on a daily basis that may contribute to a potential future need for restorative care! Common issues may include:

  • Eating hard foods
  • Snacking on ice
  • Chewing on objects as habit
  • Bruxism disorder

Pressure Hurts Your Jaws

Did you know that as much as the bruxism disorder, snacking, hard foods, and more can hurt your teeth that the pressure from these unyielding items can also strain your jaw joints? Remember that when you bite or chew, the force is coming from your very strong jaw. Your temporomandibular joints (TMJs) absorb the shock and put forth the energy. So, if your teeth cannot sink into whatever you’re biting, it’s going to cause strain and possible damage.

Pressure Damages Dental Implants

Unfortunately, though your dental implants are solidly placed and fused within your jawbone, excessive pressure can cause problems and can eventually lead to failure. Again, this is an important reason to address all oral health concerns, from snacking choices to bruxism!

You Can Control Pressure!

You may absolutely change your eating habits, your snacking habits, your mindless nibbling habits, and you can even visit our team for bruxism treatment! Keep in mind that when you limit pressure, you give your teeth, jaw joints, and all other tissues what they need!

Reel In Pressure For Smile Protection 

Treat the problems you’re having with excessive pressure, so you may enjoy a healthy smile today and for many years to come! See us for a visit soon, so we may quickly provide you with treatment. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.