What’s the Best Way to Whiten Your Teeth?

Teeth whitening is one of the most commonly requested cosmetic procedures offered, as patients want a bright smile they can have confidence in. You can bleach your teeth at home or at the dentist’s office, depending on your needs. However, this solution does not always fix stubborn stains or discolorations, and other treatments might be necessary or preferable for your needs. If you are interested in eliminating the stains on your teeth with teeth whitening or another solution, you can schedule an appointment with your dentist to determine your best option.

Teeth Whitening

Bleaching is one of the most common methods for fixing stains. There are different types of solutions, but we use the Zoom! Whitening solution in the office, and the treatment will be finished in about an hour. We will protect your lips and gums first, then apply the solution to your teeth. A special curing light will stimulate the gel to work more quickly.

If you would rather whiten your teeth at home, we can help you by creating trays specifically for your teeth. Each day or night, you will fill the trays with a certain amount of whitening gel, then wear them for the allotted time. The gel can brighten your smile in about one or two weeks.

Dental Bonding and Porcelain Veneers

Sometimes, teeth bleaching is not enough to remove discoloration. In these cases, we may recommend dental bonding or porcelain veneers as an alternative treatment. Dental bonding resin can be applied to your teeth to cover stubborn stains. Veneers must be created in the lab, but can be shaped to conform to your teeth and will hide discoloration as well. If bleaching does not work for your needs, then we can discuss these options or others during your initial cosmetic dental consultation.


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