Tobacco Can Have Several Negative Effects On Your Smile

Tobacco users should be aware that their habit can make them vulnerable to a range of health issues. Several of the problems that smoking and smokeless tobacco can cause are actually related to your dental health. When it comes to your smile’s appearance, you can be more prone to teeth stains if you use tobacco products. You can also have a harder time protecting yourself against gum disease, and may have difficulty protecting yourself against cavities. There is also the serious concern of oral cancer, which can be a bigger threat for people who enjoy tobacco. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office is proud to provide quality oral health care during routine dental checkups. While the services provided during these visits is important, you should be aware that your habits between visits can play a big role in maintaining good dental health.

Tobacco Can Cause Cosmetic And Oral Health Problems

If you feel that your teeth look dull, yellowed, or otherwise discolored, and you smoke or enjoy smokeless tobacco, your habit is likely part of why your smile color has changed. These products are able to stain teeth, which can leave you feeling embarrassed by a smile that makes you look older and less healthy. You can also have a harder time fighting plaque buildup, and preventing gum disease, if you use these products. If you have struggled with your oral health in the past, letting go of tobacco can help you avoid any more problems that demand the placement of dental fillings or dental crowns!

Better Behaviors Can Help You Avoid Tooth Decay And Gum Disease

Your daily behaviors play a big role in determining your risk for problems with your smile. Your choice to use tobacco (or not) is just one of many that can impact your oral health. If you are not doing so already, make sure that you floss on a daily basis. Brushing consistently helps you guard yourself against plaque and tartar accumulation, but it can offer relatively little support for the spaces between teeth. By flossing each day, you can fight the bacteria buildup that can become plaque, and later tartar. Remember to also take your diet seriously if you want to avoid problems, as you can influence your oral health by cutting back on sugar, limiting acidic products, and generally maintaining a nutrient-rich diet.

The Importance Of Taking Dental Problems Seriously

Our teeth are limited in what they can do to defend themselves against problems. While our enamel is an incredibly strong substance, damage can be difficult to recover from – for example, once a cavity forms, the damage will be permanent. When you take your oral health seriously, you can have an easier time preventing the problems that might create problems for you!

Our Practice Offers Important Dental Care To Southlake, TX Families

Your Southlake, TX dentist’s office is prepared to take on problems that affect your oral health, and we can provide guidance to help you maintain a healthy smile.

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