The Guidelines For Thanksgiving And Simple Smile Care

Your smile care isn’t something that you are going to have to practice when it’s convenient but then uncomfortably place to the side, when certain things come up. A good example? The Thanksgiving day experience you’re so ready to have but that is making you wonder: Am I going to have to choose between being a good, dedicated dental patient versus throwing caution to the wind and hurting my smile health in order to have an enjoyable evening? Fantastic news: You can always take the high road by keeping the reality of optimal oral health in mind, as you make smart choices. Fortunately, our Southlake, TX team is here to steer you in the right direction.

The Protein: All Good!

We encourage you to take a look at everything before you, when it’s time to eat! Of course, generally speaking, getting through one meal that may include some things you don’t usually allow yourself will not be major cause for concern. Well, that is, assuming you’re not trying to eat things that are too tough or hard for your teeth (or too stress-inducing for your jaw joints). One thing that gets our thumbs up? Protein. Eat the sliced turkey and enjoy. It’s beneficial (not detrimental) to your grin.

The Sugar And Carbs: Not So Great!

You’ve got smile care on your mind, which means you’re hyper-aware of the fact that sugars and carbohydrates are the fuel that helps bacteria eat, digest, and leave acids on your teeth and gums. This isn’t great. If you can avoid or limit these foods, go ahead and do so! However, it’s not instantly damaging to eat them if you’re careful. How to make this happen? Try to eat such foods in one sitting (rather than extended snacking) and rinse with H2O. You can have what you like without creating circumstances for smile health problems to develop.

Your Beverage: Water, Please.

Patients often overlook that a key factor in protecting one’s smile health during a meal is drinking water. What if you want to drink other beverages, you ask? That’s no problem! As mentioned, the idea here is simply that you drink water throughout your feast! When you’re sipping after eating foods or drinking other beverages, you are consistently flushing your mouth and rinsing away the sugars, carbs, pigments, and more that can lead to a variety of concerns.

Sail Through Thanksgiving With Smile Health 

Enjoy your healthiest smile this year and every year, when you feel knowledgeable about the ways to safely enjoy the foods you love! Give us a quick call if you have any questions or need to set up a checkup. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.