Stick To Your Smile Care Routine While Under The Weather

If you feel under the weather for any reason, you should make a full and fast recovery a priority. As you focus on trying to take care of yourself, make sure you do not neglect your smile. While you are sick, your teeth and gums can still be vulnerable to problems due to the activity of harmful oral bacteria. You may even have a harder time preventing problems if you are prone to dry mouth because of certain medications, or due to your diet choices while under the weather. By being mindful about what you eat and drink, and following guidelines of good oral hygiene, you can come out of an illness with your mouth and body in good shape, and enjoy good news from your Southlake, TX dentist the next time you are in the office for a dental evaluation.

Can Being Sick Increase Your Risk For Cavities?

Different changes introduced by periods of illness can affect your risk for oral health problems. For example, drinking carbonated beverages, juice, or sports drinks to stay hydrated instead of water can expose your smile to more sugars. Cough drops that contain sugar also have the potential to cause tooth decay. Periods of dry mouth experienced while you feel ill can make your smile vulnerable, as you are not producing the usual amount of saliva to wash teeth clean and fight oral bacteria.

Stay Consistent With Brushing And Flossing While Sick

Even if you feel sick, take care to brush and floss your teeth consistently. Without these habits in place, a person who is sick can allow plaque and tartar to form, which can lead to consequences for your oral health after you are well again. Even if you are doing little beyond trying to recuperate, keeping up with these practices will be important for avoiding restorative dental work.

Stress Can Also Lead To Changes In A Person’s Oral Care Routine

Illnesses are not the only things that can affect a person’s general sense of well-being. If you are struggling with sleep loss, or under an extended period of stress, you may find it harder to go through the practices of taking good care of your smile and maintaining a good diet. In these situations, take care to practice good habits despite feeling poor. Even short-term interference in your routine can be enough to allow tartar to form – this material will remain in place until your next professional teeth cleaning.

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