Smile Care: Things You Should Keep Up During Cold Weather

There are some things you complete in terms of your usual smile care that you may guess can just be put on the back burner the second the weather gets quite chilly in our Southlake, TX community. We certainly understand why you might think this. There are lots of grey days that seem to lack sunshine and our usual heat is no longer a factor, so … are issues like hydration and more really a big deal, you ask? The answer is: Most of the stuff you do for your oral health is the stuff that you should always do, no matter the weather. Let’s cover some essential factors!

Your Use Of SPF!

Remember that one of the reasons you receive twice-annual, consistent dental checkups is that we screen for oral cancer. With that said, we remind you that in the effort to avoid any type of sun cancer that impacts your face, lips, etc., your usual use of SPF throughout the warmer months is definitely something you should continue to use during the colder months. Translation: Use sunscreen all year long, on your facial skin, any other exposed skin, and on your lips, too, to keep your oral health and general health safe! Adding SPF lip balm to your daily smile care is easy!

Surprise: Lip Treatments!

Guess what? Those lip treatments you were so dedicated to using over the summer months … they’re very important during the winter months, too. Don’t forget that winter can really take its toll on your lip health, which is an extension of your oral health! Take time to apply whatever it is you prefer to your delicate lip tissue as many times a day as you deem necessary, so you can enjoy all of the singing, talking, laughing, smiling, and eating that this time of year has to offer and all without cracked, dry, uncomfortable lips!

All Of Your Usual Dental Care!

The smile care you practice throughout the rest of the year, from the brushing and flossing you complete to avoid cavities and more, to the dental checkup and cleaning you schedule in the first half of the year will continue to treat your well! Schedule a checkup this winter if you haven’t already had your second annual visit and keep up with your dental hygiene no matter what.

Keeping A Close Watch On Your Water Intake

Yep. Drinking water is just as important as ever, so carry that summertime hydration into this chillier time of year.

Keep Your Smile Safe During Cold Weather

Remember that pretty much everything you were doing during warmer weather that benefits your smile is something you should continue doing in cold weather! Let us know if you need some help with your care. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.