Shocking Hints For Smile Protection When You’re Sick 

When you’re sick, whether you’re dealing with a nasty upper respiratory virus, a sinus infection, or something that’s causing you to feel queasy, one thing is for sure: Your main focus is feeling better and resting. As a result, it’s very easy to spend most of your (little) energy on reviving your very well being, which means your usual attention to detail in terms of your oral health can inadvertently take a back seat. What to do along the way, so you’re able to get better without accidentally causing serious harm to your oral tissues? Not to worry. Our Southlake, TX team has got you covered with shocking yet helpful hints!

Watch Those Throat Lozenges!

The only decent thing about being sick? The little bit of happiness you get when you indulge in a sweet throat lozenge or cough drop! While we would certainly never rob you of this small joy, we do want to remind you to be careful with what you select for yourself (if not only to remind you to rinse your smile when you’re through). Drops with added sugar can promote tooth decay if you’re not careful (and those with heavy dyes can contribute to staining if you find yourself consuming one after another).

Beware The Sports Drinks (Opt For Water)

We encourage you to remember that though you might need sports drinks at the recommendation of your doctor, they are typically very acidic, loaded with sugar, and full of bright dyes, too! The moral of the story: Consume them only as needed and, even when you do, protect your oral health by following the beverage by rinsing with water to clean off those teeth and gums!

Stay Nice And Hydrated!

“But I only have a cold!” you might say to our team. Why would you need to worry about moisture loss, during a cold, flu, etc., you wonder? Remember: When you’re unhealthy, your body is fighting extra hard to help you stay healthy, you may have a fever, and it’s possible that some of the medication you’re taking can lead to dry mouth (which is dangerous for your oral health). With that said, a key factor in maintaining your oral health and keeping your general well being safe is drinking lots of water. As mentioned, it’s time to drink up when it comes to H2O!

Keep Your Smile Safe When You’re Unwell

Don’t let feeling under the weather take its toll on your dental health and your ability to protect your smile! Keep up with the usual dental hygiene and also remember to follow some additional hints for success! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.