Steps To Take If You Want To Avoid Dental Wear And Tear

One way to make sure your teeth remain attractive is to avoid behaviors that might lead to visible dental wear and tear. Some changes in the shape and condition of your teeth can be hard to avoid, as the work of biting and chewing produces unavoidable friction on your enamel. With that said, some people can develop problems with teeth that seem flat, dull, or unhealthy due to too much wear. Sometimes, this problem can simply be avoided by cutting out a bad habit of biting and chewing on hard surfaces, or making an effort to brush your teeth with less force. With that said, it can also be a consequence of bruxism, a problem that can affect you during the night. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office can help you deal with bruxism, and we can help you find a solution to problems with dental wear and tear if you are already concerned about your appearance. (more…)

Are You Starting To Worry About An Older Filling Or Crown?

What will you have to do to keep a tooth safe after it has been treated for a cavity? Because the damage from decay is permanent, you may fear that you will have permanent issues with your tooth. You can be happy to know that the dental filling or dental crown put in place by your dentist is capable of protecting that tooth even as you use it to bite and chew. While restorations used in dental treatments are permanent, problems can sometimes occur as a filling or crown starts to feel loose, or experiences damage. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office can help you make sure your tooth is safe by evaluating an older restoration, and – if necessary – arranging the placement of a new one. (more…)

Why Kids Sometimes Have A Hard Time Avoiding Cavities

When a child’s teeth first start to arrive, their parents will have to directly help them protect them against dental decay by cleaning them. While kids will grow up to take care of this on their own, the support they receive when it comes to learning about oral hygiene can be valuable. Children sometimes struggle with cavities because they are still learning the hows and whys of dental care, and because they often have a tougher time passing up a chance to enjoy candies and other sweets. Because of this, your guidance can be important even when they are brushing and flossing on their own. Pediatric dental exams can also be important for protecting young smiles. Your Southlake, TX dentist’s can take care of kids at our practice and also provide guidance to help them make good choices at home. (more…)

Exploring The Possible Effects Of Caffeine On Your Smile

Any choice that might affect your smile health is one that you should take seriously. Your smile may be more vulnerable to tooth decay than you realize. Even if you have had few (or no) problems with cavities in the past, changes in the condition of your enamel and your health may make preventive dental care more difficult. One thing you might want to think about is the possible oral health risks from products with caffeine, as many popular beverages may cause more potential problems than you realize. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office has provided consistent preventive dental care to many people in and around our community. While professional dental care is important, it can be hard for you to stay healthy if you are not doing a good job protecting your teeth between appointments. (more…)

3 Embarrassing Dental Problems (And How You Can Avoid Them)

Problems that affect your oral health can interfere with your bite, and may lead to difficulties with your general well-being. In addition to problems that impact your health, there are also issues that may cause you to feel self-conscious. These problems can be both cosmetic and related to your health – for instance, you can have dental injuries that impact your appearance as well as your bite. You can also have an issue like chronic bad breath, which can be a warning of poor health in addition to being embarrassing. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office is proud to have helped many patients in and around our community who have felt embarrassed or concerned by the state of their oral health. With the proper approach, it is possible for you to regain confidence in your smile as well as the condition of your teeth and gums. (more…)

Stick To Your Smile Care Routine While Under The Weather

If you feel under the weather for any reason, you should make a full and fast recovery a priority. As you focus on trying to take care of yourself, make sure you do not neglect your smile. While you are sick, your teeth and gums can still be vulnerable to problems due to the activity of harmful oral bacteria. You may even have a harder time preventing problems if you are prone to dry mouth because of certain medications, or due to your diet choices while under the weather. By being mindful about what you eat and drink, and following guidelines of good oral hygiene, you can come out of an illness with your mouth and body in good shape, and enjoy good news from your Southlake, TX dentist the next time you are in the office for a dental evaluation. (more…)

Can Your Age Affect How Vulnerable You Are To Cavities?

While aging can introduce some unavoidable changes in a person’s health, good habits and behaviors can help you do an effective job maintaining your general well-being. The right habits and behaviors can also help you deal with your dental health specifically. By maintaining good periodontal health, you are less likely to experience tooth loss later in life. Protecting your teeth against decay and wear and tear while you are younger can help you keep stronger teeth over time. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office can help patients in different age groups care for their smiles. This means providing support for patients who want to avoid dental problems in their later years, but it also reflects a commitment to providing care for younger patients during pediatric dental visits. (more…)

Changes To Your Routine That Can Protect Your Smile

It may take less change than you think to make your oral care routine more effective at fighting bacteria, preventing tooth decay, and keeping you safe against gingivitis. With a minor tweak in your flossing or teeth brushing routine, you can start doing a better job fighting the buildup of plaque and tartar that affects your chances of developing dental problems. It can also take just a small adjustment in your snack habits to lower your exposure to sugars, and therefore your risk for cavities. In between visits to your Southlake, TX dentist for routine dental exams, the choices you make can have a big impact on how likely you are to need restorative dental work at your next appointment. (more…)

Are You In Pain When You Try To Bite And Chew Food?

The quality of your bite can impact your life in multiple ways. Any sort of persistent discomfort is something you would probably prefer to avoid, but issues that interfere with your dental function can feel particularly frustrating. If the pain is serious enough, it may have already led to unwelcome changes in your diet. Our Southlake, TX dentist’s office recognizes just how intrusive dental pain can be, and we are prepared to help you address the matter. If you have problems with a specific tooth, it may be a sign that you are struggling with an infection that calls for restorative dental work. If the pain is more general, it may be due to a problem like bruxism, which can cause problems for your teeth as well as your jaw.

Should You Time Yourself When You Brush Your Teeth?

Are you confident that your teeth are healthy, and that you are taking good care of your smile on a daily basis? Even if you have not had a cavity identified at a recent dental exam with your Southlake, TX dentist, it can be a good idea to look into your current habits and see how you might be able to make improvements. After all, the effectiveness of your brushing routine helps you prevent the buildup of plaque on teeth, as well as the formation of tartar. One easy way to test yourself is to set a timer for two minutes when you brush again. Does it feel natural to brush for that length of time, or did it feel unusually long? This is the amount of time you should dedicate to effectively cleaning your teeth – shorter sessions can leave areas of your smile more vulnerable to problems. (more…)