How Does Tea Affect Your Dental Health?

A cup of tea can warm up even the coldest of days. Tea also has many health benefits, but how does tea affect your dental health? Is it good for your teeth or bad for your teeth? Here are the facts.

Benefits of Tea for Your Health

If you’re wondering, “How does tea affect your dental health?” we’ve got the details! Tea has many benefits for your dental health. Let’s talk about a couple of them.

Tea naturally contains antioxidants, which not only benefit the health of your teeth and gums, but the health of your whole body.

Tea also contains many naturally-occurring minerals that are necessary for healthy teeth and bones. Fluoride, in particular — a mineral that has been shown to help make your teeth stronger against cavities — is found in black tea.

Pro tip: if your city has added fluoride to your water supply, then if you brew your tea in tap water, you can double the amount of fluoride you get in each cup of tea!

Keeping Your Smile Bright

While drinking tea has lots of benefits, when you’re asking the question, “How does tea affect your dental health?” it’s also important to look at the possible downsides.

Some types of darker teas might contribute to staining of your teeth. If you’re concerned about staining, then it can be helpful to opt for green or white varieties to lessen the chance of diminishing the brightness of your smile.

Many tea shops also add flavored syrups or sweeteners to tea. This can add high amounts of sugar to an otherwise healthy drink, which can increase your risk of cavities.

Some things you can do to help keep your smile bright and healthy is to limit the amount of sugar in your tea and opt for alternative sweeteners when possible. It’s also important to brush your teeth as soon as possible after drinking tea in order to wash away any sugary residue and reduce the chances of staining. If you can’t brush right away, make sure to drink a glass of water after enjoying your tea.

Drinking Tea and Your Teeth

If you have more questions about tea and how it affects your teeth, talk with your dentist at your next appointment. They’ll be happy to help you find ways to enjoy all the benefits of your favorite cozy cup of tea without compromising your dental health!

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