General Dentistry for Damaged Teeth

Dental damage, such as cracked and fractured teeth, can pose a significant threat to your entire oral health if not addressed as soon as possible. Because of the intricate nature of your teeth and their inability to heal themselves, repairing them when they’re damaged requires a broad range of dental expertise. As a dedicated Southlake general dentist, Dr. Gregory Wright employs his impressive experience to help patients repair, restore, and preserve their smiles after suffering from one or more damaged teeth. Depending on the patient’s need, this may include removing bacterial infection, covering the tooth with a dental crown, or completely replacing the tooth if it’s damaged beyond repair.

Cleaning the Tooth

The main structure of a tooth, called dentin, is surrounded by a protective layer of resilient enamel designed to protect it from bacteria that lead to tooth decay and cavities. At the center of dentin is a hollow chamber containing the tooth’s nerves and blood vessels called the pulp, which is the most sensitive part of a tooth. When your tooth is cracked or fractured, its inner tissues can be exposed to bacteria, and an internal infection can develop. Before repairing your damaged tooth, Dr. Wright will ensure that the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and free of germs, which may require a root canal treatment if the infection reaches the pulp.

Thinking Ahead

Once the tooth is clean and filled with a dental filling, Dr. Wright can place a custom-made dental crown over the tooth to protect it from pressure in the future. The crown will hold the tooth together while absorbing the impact of your bite, allowing you to retain your natural, but weakened, tooth structure without sustaining further injury. Most crowns are crafted from lifelike dental porcelain, which is tinted and layered to mimic your tooth’s color and the enamel surrounding it.

In Case of Severe Damage

Sometimes, cleaning and repairing a damaged tooth isn’t enough to save it. For instance, if a crack reaches the tooth’s root, then it must be extracted to prevent harm to surrounding jawbone and tissues. In cases of necessary tooth extraction, Dr. Wright may recommend replacing the tooth with a dental implant-supported crown. A dental implant is a surgically-inserted device that replaces a lost tooth root in a patient’s jawbone. After the jawbone heals, Dr. Wright can place a custom porcelain dental crown on top of it to replace your extracted tooth.

About Gregory Wright, DDS:

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