Embarrassing Smile Stuff You Shouldn’t Ignore 

Sometimes, smile stuff comes up. Things you’re worried about. Details that probably require our Southlake, TX team’s attention. However, you’re embarrassed about it, which leaves you feeling like you’re not sure about what to do. Come in to see us for a dental checkup, even though you feel very shy and hesitant about it? Or, just hide out, hope that the oral health concern fixes itself (this is usually impossible), and go about your daily life? We have a feeling you already know it’s always best to see us. Need some examples to feel more comfortable setting up a visit? We’ve got them!

Food That’s Really, Really Stuck

Sure, it’s a little bit embarrassing to have to call us not for a severe toothache, broken tooth, infection, or otherwise but instead, for food that’s really stuck between two teeth. However, we remind you that you really do need a visit, so we can remove it, so you don’t deal with any negative side effects to your oral health. Remember, as well, that this is an easy fix (and we’ve definitely seen it before)!

When You Bang Your Tooth On Something

Whether or not you can tell that you’ve damaged your tooth, if you’re worried about it because you’ve really smacked your tooth hard on something (like a coffee cup), then it’s better to come in to see us than to wait. This is particularly true when there’s pain or some other sign of a problem present. Remember, little accidents like this happen all the time and are nothing to be embarrassed about. Your priority, instead, should be scheduling a dental checkup with us to ensure everything is just fine or to receive any required dental care to save your oral health!

Smells That Aren’t Getting Better

Maybe every time you floss your teeth, you’re shocked by how bad the experience smells. Maybe when you speak, you’re amazed by your very unkindly breath. When smells, scents, or other changes shift into something that’s not pleasant, we remind you that even though you may feel a little bit embarrassed about it, it’s something to bring to our attention. Like any other type of symptom, this may be a sign that you need professional dental care for oral health improvement.

 Bring Any Oral Health Worry To Us

Don’t ignore problems with your oral health, even if you feel somewhat embarrassed by the details. Come in to bring attention to the concern and remember that we have seen everything and simply want to help! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.