Do White Teeth Equate To Healthy Teeth?

It’s often difficult to know what a healthy smile looks like or doesn’t look like. In fact, it can even be difficult to know whether your smile is healthy based on the way it feels! Since problems may arise without you knowing it, we always encourage you to keep your six-month dental checkups scheduled. Now, when we’re strictly discussing the connection between a white smile and oral health, things can still prove a little bit tricky. Let us help you better understand!

Sometimes, White Teeth Reflect A Healthy Smile

If your smile is white, this may be because your smile is healthy. Why? Well, if you’re maintaining your oral health, then that means you are brushing your teeth, you are flossing your smile, and you are up to date on dental cleanings. The result? Your smile is probably nice and clean, free of plaque buildup and tartar, and may have been able to avoid any serious discoloration.

Sometimes, White Teeth Do Not Reflect A Healthy Smile

It’s very possible that you have a very white smile but you have some cavities or periodontal problems. You may have taken it upon yourself to use over-the-counter (OTC) whitening treatments that have brightened your teeth without realizing that you need restorative care from us. Remember, just because teeth look pretty doesn’t mean you have excellent oral health.

Discolored Teeth May Be Healthy (But You Can Whiten Them)

Of course, your teeth may be discolored but that doesn’t mean your oral health isn’t good at the moment! Maybe you have been caring for your smile your whole life but natural wear and tear has left stains. Perhaps you had problems, received care, and your smile is healthy again (but yellowed). Talk with us about cosmetic treatments, so we can help your smile look as healthy as it is.

If You Want A Whiter Smile, Talk With Us Today

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