4 Important Halloween Reminders For Your Mouth! 

There are lots of reminders that likely pop up in your thoughts throughout the day, every day. While they may apply to any number of areas of your life, when you come to our Southlake, TX team, you can expect (of course) reminders for your mouth! Since Halloween is almost here (and since it brings quite a sizable amount of sugar with it), we figured you would probably appreciate some help in this department. Take some thoughtful ideas on board, so you can get through this otherwise very enjoyable day without accidentally dragging your oral health through any highly dangerous activities!

#1: Anything Potentially Damaging Is A Hazard

Never really thought of candy-covered apples as “candy,” so you figure they’re safe? How about Halloween-themed brittle? Think again! If you know it’s something that can crack a tooth, just don’t even bother. Find something equally yummy yet easier to chew.

#2: Brush And Floss, No Matter What!

Don’t give yourself a temporary excuse to avoid brushing and flossing for the night, either because trick-or-treating ran late and you’re tired, because you ate lots of sugar and you are very tired from a sugar crash, etc. The same goes for kiddos! Whatever it takes, even if it means planning a set time for dental hygiene on Halloween night, remember that particularly in times when you’re consuming extra sugar (often for extended periods of time), cleaning your smile is key to avoiding problems like cavities! It’s also important for kids to remember that this habit should always be a twice-daily one.

#3: Keep Water Close To You

We suggest you keep water nearby all day long. That way, if you decide you’re going to eat some candy, a Halloween cookie, a pumpkin-shaped marshmallow, or anything else, you’re ready to rinse all of that sugar from your teeth and gums immediately after, as your oral health remains safe!

#4: Watch Where You’re Stepping

Keep that lovely smile of yours in the exact same shape it’s in at the moment (and containing the exact same number of teeth) by remembering to watch your step. Keep your view clear (pop your mask up if you’re out trick-or-treating, as you walk), use a light source to light the way, and simply be careful. It’s an easy way to keep your oral health protected.

Make Halloween Oral-Health-Safe

Keep in mind that you can most definitely celebrate Halloween, without giving up your fun but while protecting your smile! Figure out how to best enjoy holidays in a smile safe way during a checkup with our team. Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.