Bruxism And Your Future: Things To Consider!

There are some things you really need to consider if bruxism disorder is an issue that is currently part of your smile’s narrative! Remember, this is the functional concern that develops when you are involuntarily (yet quite consistently) grinding your teeth back and forth or clenching them together. Doesn’t sound like something that you’ll simply sail through without treatment? You’re correct, so take a brief moment with our Southlake, TX team as we explain to you what you can do, what can happen, and how you can very easily protect your smile’s future!

We Can Ease It Immediately (For A Bright Future)

The moment you call our practice, you tell us that you need to see us, and we check on your smile during a checkup, we will quickly diagnose your bruxism disorder. Then, we will be able to immediately move forward with implementing bruxism treatment for you! What does this include and how will it help, you ask? Well, it’s simple really. You’ll wear an oral appliance. What’s that? It’s a mouthguard and you only have to wear it at night, so it can offer your teeth serious cushioning as you sleep! When you protect teeth and you help to limit muscle movement, you prep your smile for a primarily damage-free, bright future!

If You Ignore It, Consequences Are Very Real

Of course, the consequences of ignoring bruxism disorder will generally start out as more minor concerns. You may deal with some discomfort in your teeth as a result of your daily grinding or clenching. Over time, you might even notice some esthetic damage, such as chipped teeth. For this, you know that you may improve the problem with cosmetic care. However, we remind you that the longer you neglect to do something about bruxism (which means seeking bruxism treatment with our team), the more serious the potential consequences become. Eventually, they will most certainly damage your oral health and will need to be addressed with professional dental care.

Damage May Impact Your Teeth, Jaws, And Quality Of Life

So, what can really happen if you ignore the need for bruxism treatment, you ask? Well, beyond the chipping, your teeth will become eroded. They will probably fracture. They will break. They can become so worn and broken down that you may require the removal of those teeth if restorative care cannot repair them first. The process of dealing with damage will likely be uncomfortable. You may even damage your gums. Why not keep all of this from unfolding by choosing to treat your bruxism disorder instead?

See Us For Bruxism Care ASAP

Don’t ignore problems with clenching and grinding! Call us soon to set up time to learn more about the importance of bruxism treatment and to get started, so you may protect the future of your oral health! Schedule care with your Southlake, TX dentist today by calling Gregory Wright, DDS at (817) 481-7999. We gladly serve patients from Southlake and surrounding areas.