Two Ways Your Dental Checkup Protects Your Health

According to the American Dental Association’s suggestions, good hygiene demands that you brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once to control the buildup of dental plaque. To clean up the plaque that your toothbrush and floss miss, the ADA also recommends attending a routine dental exam and cleaning at least once every six months, unless your dentist recommends more frequent checkups. Besides keeping your smile clean and healthy, routine dental checkups with your Southlake dentist, Dr. Wright, also helps you avoid risks to your overall wellbeing that are often associated with poor dental health.

Oral-Systemic Health

The oral-systemic connection describes the relationship between your mouth and your body (besides eating). Dental plaque is a by-product of bacteria, over 600 different kinds of which live in your mouth. One of the most notable of these is the microbe, Porphyromonas gingivalis. A significant contributor to dental plaque, P. gingivalis has a tendency to cling along your gum line and survive by manipulating your immune system. The bacteria produce molecules that allow it to evade inflammation, your body’s natural defense mechanism against harmful germs. As a result, inflammation persists as the germ evades it, and the swelling can damage your gum tissue, leading to aggressive periodontal disease. If allowed into your bloodstream through diseased oral tissue, P. gingivalis and other oral bacteria can wreak havoc throughout other tissues in your body. Good hygiene and routine dental checkups and cleanings can help reduce the risk of chronic inflammatory conditions like heart disease and respiratory illness.

Oral Cancer Screenings

During your dental cleaning, one of our talented hygienists will thoroughly clean your teeth of bacterial plaque and tartar, plaque’s more stubborn cousin. During your exam, Dr. Wright will closely inspect your teeth, gums, and oral tissues for signs of disease, and perform a comprehensive screening for abnormalities that could indicate oral cancer. Early detection is often a significant factor in the success of oral cancer treatment, and every dental checkup increases your chances of detecting and treating issues early.

About Dr. Gregory Wright:

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