Gleaming gold crowns may have been the norm for thousands of years of human history, but today’s patients want dental restorations that look natural. Dental porcelain has become the restorative material of choice, since it offers true-to-life esthetics and durability. Depending on your case and your personal preferences, your dentist can recommend a number of different types of porcelain restorations, such as crowns, veneers, inlays, and onlays, that closely match the shade and translucence of your natural teeth. Although dental porcelain is intensely strong and resists stains well, certain habits can cause your crown or veneer to look dull and discolored more quickly. Follow Southlake dentist Dr. Gregory Wright’s tips for keeping your dental porcelain brilliant.

1. Be Gentle but Thorough When Brushing
When it comes to scrubbing your pots and pans, the more elbow grease the better. When it comes to brushing your teeth (whether porcelain or your natural teeth) it’s more about technique than brute force. Too much pressure, especially when combined with the use of an abrasive toothpaste (whitening toothpastes tend to have the highest concentration of abrasives) can leave micro-abrasions in the porcelain surface. Use non-abrasive toothbrush and light-to-moderate pressure as you methodically brush in circular strokes.

2. Eat and Drink Smart
Porcelain is stain resistant. This means it resists stains; it’s not impervious to them. Over the years, your porcelain restoration will begin to look dull and discolored, especially if you use abrasive toothpaste and consume a lot of staining foods and beverages. Coffee, tea, dark berries, fruit juices, red wine, and artificially colored foods can all leave trace stains that accumulate over the years. While you don’t have to cut these drinks and foods out altogether, brushing or rinsing immediately after consuming them will remove the bulk of the staining compounds, helping your restoration stay whiter longer.

3. Whiten Before Taking a Shade
If a porcelain crown or veneer is in your future, you should discuss whitening your teeth before the design for your restoration goes off to the dental lab. There’s a simple reason behind whitening prior to taking a shade measurement for a restoration: as the years pass, your natural teeth will discolor faster than your porcelain restoration. Once this happens, you can easily re-use your whitening trays to bring your smile back to its ideal, uniform brightness.

Once you’ve received your lifelike restoration, be sure to maintain a schedule of regular dental visits to ensure its continued success and beautiful, lifelike appearance! To schedule your next apppointment, call Dr. Wright and Dr. Heron at (817) 481-7999. Located in Southlake, TX, we’ve proudly served the residents of Southlake, Grapevine, Keller, Trophy Club, Colleyville, and all surrounding communities since 1992.