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Pups In The Park 2018

Just about everything becomes cuter and more fun when it involves your pup, right? Of course! That happens to be the thinking behind the upcoming Pups In The Park 2018 event, which is why you should most certainly bring your little bundle of fluff along with you to partake in some pooch-focused activities (and it’s… Read more »

Whose Fault Is Sleep Apnea?

If you’re trying to figure out whose fault sleep apnea is, you’re heading down a frustrating and complex path! The truth is, it happens for a wide variety of reasons. Rather than figuring out who is to blame, it’s better to spend a bit of time figuring out what’s making it worse (that you can… Read more »

Tooth Cracks: Don’t Wait On Fixing Them

The longer you wait to fix your cracked tooth, the sadder you will be that you waited! We frequently remind patients that when they’re planning to come in for restorative care in Southlake, TX to have issues fixed, the sooner they make this choice, the better. When the problem is a crack, as mentioned, the… Read more »

National Hot Dog Day 2018

If you were planning on attending National Ice Cream Day in our community, then you may wonder what on earth could top such an indulgent and nostalgic experience. Good news: Just a few days later, you will have the opportunity of taking part in National Hot Dog Day 2018! Yesiree, the summer is shaping up… Read more »

Common Misconceptions: Figuring Out What You Can And Cannot Drink!

When you’re thirsty or craving your favorite beverage, you may notice that you feel pretty certain about the drinks that are (and are not) safe for your oral health. However, you’re not completely sure that when you’re choosing between two things, you’re making the right selection. Rather than accidentally open yourself up to injury or… Read more »

Cosmetic Treatments: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Yes! You know that what you have been waiting for and are quite excited about at the moment is the chance to receive cosmetic treatments for your grin! However, that’s sort of about all you know so far because you haven’t exactly gotten this adventure started yet. Fortunately, by taking a yesterday, today, tomorrow approach,… Read more »

A Toddler’s First Dental Visit: When, Where, Why

When older children attend dental exams, checkups and cleanings, many things happen. We clean teeth surfaces carefully, and remove tartar (hardened plaque) that will not respond to tooth brushing. We may take X-rays, or use other dental technology to look inside mouths and throats. We check for signs of oral cancer. Why do dentists suggest… Read more »

Even Dentists Enjoy National Ice Cream Day!

It’s a running joke that dentists tut-tut against eating sweets. But sometimes the opportunity is just too good to miss. Who could say no to a celebration for National Ice Cream Day? In truth, just about every food can be part of a tooth-healthy diet. As long as you are maintaining a good preventive care… Read more »