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Quick Calcium Questions: Answers That Will Help!

You hear throughout your life, from doctors, your parents, even advertisements and health class, that you need to get enough calcium to remain strong. This applies to your bones, of course. Did you know that it applies to your oral health, too? So, if you’re feeling a little confused regarding calcium, what you should be… Read more »

Another MasterWorks Concert Is Almost Here!

Are you a big fan of the Southlake, TX MasterWorks Concerts that give you the chance to enjoy local live performances throughout spring, summer, and autumn? If so, you will want to be sure you clear your schedule for this September session! The cooler weather is approaching, which means this community series is getting closer… Read more »

Hello Kitty Cafe Truck

Have you heard of the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck? Did you know that this adorable sweet-treat-cafe-on-wheels, which first started making stops in California is headed to our very own Southlake, TX community? Get your taste buds ready and prepare for more sweetness than you can imagine as the cafe truck pulls into town very soon!… Read more »

How To Brush Your Smile Gently

You hear us tell you to be gentle with your smile, so you can enjoy oral health that’s optimal and that continues to remain well. You hear us say that it’s very important to avoid aggressive dental care because it can hurt your gums, it can scrape up your teeth, and it can even make… Read more »